What Happens to a Thought When You Forget it?

So, apparently an average human has about 70,000 thoughts per day! Naturally, we do not remember all of it. Hell, we can’t even remember the thought we had five minutes back! So, what happens to a thought when you “un-think”/ forget it? Does it vanish? Where does it go?

From neuroscience point of view, thoughts are still very much a mystery since there’s no definite answer as to how the brain creates or forgets thoughts. Some of our understandings suggest that when exposed to stimuli, thoughts are created using the memory bank that already exists within our minds and that is still growing through daily learning, experiences, impressions, observations etc. When a thought is created a certain set of neurons fire among themselves and it is the recurrent ability of this same network of neurons to fire that a thought is remembered and not forgotten since the pathway is established and actively running when required. For example, when you observe the fruit orange, certain neurons that associate with knowledge of the shape ’round’ link with neurons that associate with the knowledge of color ‘orange’ thereby giving you the notion that what you’re observing is in fact a fruit called Orange. Also, additional complex linkages help identify other characteristics like smell, texture, taste etc. that further affirms your notion.

Now metaphysically speaking, as was the original intent, thoughts do not vanish or disappear. We think of it in that way because we stop FOLLOWING the thought (something to do with our incorrigible attention span!:D). In other words you think of something one moment, block all other stimuli around you, indulge in a reverie and then all of a sudden snap out of it like you were teleported back to your present environment. That, my friends, is the desperate pull of the outer ego (basic info on outer & inner egos, here). Afraid of losing its hold in the three dimensional world, our outer ego, sort of sets psychic barriers and gets you to stop pursuing where a thought leads you to and instead pulls your attention back to focusing on your present environment. This makes it seem like after a point the thoughts just drop into some ominous void that the mind dare not venture into! On the contrary, such is not the case and one can follow these thoughts by simply understanding that your thoughts move into another environment. It moves into another reality, another universe if you so will, where its potential isn’t lost and can be brought to life depending on the intensity of the thought.

Now why is the outer ego such a buzz kill? Simply because it only relates to the physical world. The physical world being its comfort zone and what it can understand. Originally it was meant as an aid but now has become a dictator because of our spiritual devolution. Since our concepts of the nature of reality has steadily depreciated into a materialistic view (where the only reality we perceive is of a physical/ tangible nature), our ego has jumped the opportunity and retained us in that small space of accepted reality. Now, if we were to exercise our intuitive and creative portions, then we can successfully download information of great value from other dimensions to our physically oriented self.

It also seems to us that our physical form can only be in one place at one time. But what if I told you that’s not entirely true? Furthermore, how do we go about doing something like that? All one needs to do is create, yup you got it, a thought! For instance, if you vividly and emotionally imagine yourself to be at a particular place, say a beach you played as a kid, depending on the intensity of your mental image and intention; the projected energy will actually create a pseudo-form (not astral form, we’re not there yet, chill them horses!) that in fact will be sent to the beach. These pseudo forms can be thought of as shadowy or partially physical forms (yes I am aware how this sounds!:D), just beneath our range of perception, that haven’t completely materialized into the degree of physicality that we can perceive in our environment. Individuals who have learned to use their inner senses can perceive them. In many instances if the intent and desire were still more intense then along with the form, a part of your consciousness also accompanies such that for that duration you can actually feel the environment of your pseudo-form, smell the air and taste the salty waters! Your ability to indulge in this alternate reality depends on your focus upon it. Such is the power of our thoughts!

Now, even if we aren’t able to perceive these other realities consciously, we are in constant touch with them nevertheless in our dream states. There are portions of our consciousness (the cool ones that work its magic in the dream world), that are not focused in this world  and is continually in contact with these other realities. You would better understand what I am talking about if you refer to my previous post on “consciousness” which you can access  here . In these other realities which are often home to highly concentrated energy, our consciousness learns to manage that energy and create forms of a different nature altogether.

The soul or the whole self as an entity is far more creative and complex than what we understand owing to our distorted perception. It is ridden with potential of such magnitude that it cannot be manifested in or expressed through one personality. So, your physical self is just one tiny portion of your soul which is multidimensional. That said, it does not mean that the physical existence that we know of is insignificant. Our personality has its own route to follow and we will continue to grow and develop with our memories and experiences well preserved long after we shed this body. In short, the personality (human form) is not a puppet of the soul and its existence is indeed an important experience for not just its growth but also for the growth of the soul much like how the caterpillar was an important phase of a butterfly’s life but now the butterfly has become more than a caterpillar!

19 thoughts on “What Happens to a Thought When You Forget it?

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  3. Uff, i never had any interest in the study of Neurons and Metaphysics, but still this post engrossed me a bit. I guess soul is more important than the outer appearance.

    As far as brain is concerned, nobody can fully comprehend it ever!

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    • Hehe and yet you stopped by and for that I thank you! It’s just not soul/ inner vs outer appearance really. Outer appearance is the human form, a physical form. It’s just something we wear for a while, the spirit/ soul though is Eternal and never dies. It may seem that consciousness is a product of the physical brain but it’s other way round really! ;D

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