Your Soul Wears Many Bodies

Oh soul, you worry too much.

You have seen your own strength.

You have seen your own beauty.

You have seen your golden wings.

Of anything less, why do you worry?

You are in truth, the soul, of the soul, of the soul.


Obviously, Rumi, who is one of the most widely read poets, knew exactly what he was talking about in the stanza above. What is my purpose in quoting it? You’ll see 😀

When we think of the word ‘soul’, we are drenched with ideas pertaining to emotions, vitality, feelings, immortality etc. Most of our theories and beliefs about the soul make it seem like it is some prized possession that was gifted to us upon our birth by God and must be returned to Him upon our death for judgment. Based on the results of the inevitable judgment, there’s the paradise scene with its beautiful heavenly locale, all you can eat buffet and the companionship of your dear and near ones or there’s the hell scene where the evil lot roasts away in hell fire, tormented, broken etc. Our ideas mostly come from religious interpretations. And although some of it does succeed in giving a somewhat truthful picture, it doesn’t give a complete one.

The soul isn’t something that is in your possession or belongs to you. You are the Soul. It is your most inner naked identity and it exists in another dimension. The soul is a powerhouse of energy and has infinite potential but in order for it to understand its own potential, it must “EXPRESS”. For instance, let’s consider evolution, it is never static. It started with a primordial concoction of basic ingredients of life (Carbon, Nitrogen and Co.) aided by conducive environment. It then went ahead and barfed some simple cells that transformed into multi-cellular organisms and before you knew it we were sipping pina coladas by a beach in the only ‘known’ life supporting system of the universe.

My point: The potential of life was infinite and expressed itself in a bazillion ways from the simplest to most complex organisms and it still is even as I type this post! The soul, much in the same manner, in order to decipher its own identity and potential, it expresses by ‘CREATING’.

What does your soul create? It creates you of course! But….. not just you. You must have heard of this very romantic quote that says “two bodies, one soul”.  Without any attempts to save the romantic notion of the quote, might I say, that it is true and not in an amorous manner. Your soul creates you and many other personalities (other selves). You are just one of the many manifestations of your soul which means your soul is shared by many other bodies! These other manifestations or personalities/ selves are spread across various time frames and dimensions. It means that one of your soul’s creations must be a caveman, another one an 18th century duke, another one a fisherman in the B.C. period, yet another one a starship counselor of the future and these selves are not just spread across time frames but also across dimensions (some selves in physical dimensions and some in non- physical dimensions).  All these other selves/ personalities are your reincarnational selves.

Fun Fact: Not everyone believes in the concept of reincarnation but even among folks who do believe, there seems to be a common misconception. Reincarnations do not take place in succession i.e. one after another. All your reincarnational selves of the past, present and future exist simultaneously.. like right now!

You may wonder how can your caveman self exist now in this time? You see time is an illusion. We attain a sense of continuity through time and the very fact that we are physical beings; predispose us to perceive the universe in that fashion. It is something that we created as part of the three dimensional existence. Basically the so called past, present and future exist at the same time i.e., simultaneously. I know this part is hard to comprehend but to get a brief idea I’d like to suggest the short excellent video below that talks on the matter.

Your soul has existed before you and will continue to exist after you and it does not mean that you were shot into existence for sport. You are the soul and through you it experiences itself, gains wisdom, gets closer to the Source/ God/ All that is so to speak. This is true for all the other personalities as well. That sort of makes the soul a library or bank of all the knowledge, experience and wisdom it has gained and is still gaining through these personalities. And you can access that knowledge too. You see, all these other personalities also exist independently and with absolute freedom just as you exist. They too are not aware of you probably and they too have complete access to your and the soul’s experiences and wisdom as you have to theirs. Basically the soul is like a server connected to multiple computers (personalities) at the same time with incoming and outgoing messages. Incidentally, the computers are also linked to each other and exchange information among themselves.

So, how do you tap into this wealth of information that the soul holds? By attempting to change your focus. You use your physical senses to perceive and understand the environment around you. If you temporarily change your focus and turn your attention inward to use your inner senses you will be able to connect with your soul. You do this to some extent in your dreams. When you sleep your physical senses aren’t used actively. They temporarily shut down. The inner senses can be considered as a portion of the soul that resides within you and acts as a communication link. The following exercise will help you get a sense of the energy/ soulstuff that flows within you.

Lie down comfortably, close your eyes, relax your body and try not to pay much attention to the outside noises or the subtle bodily sensations (scratch off the wretched itch if you must!). Try to sense within yourself a source of power or energy rising from your chest/ heart even as you breathe. Some of you may do this successfully at your first try. Others may take a little longer. When you sense this energy within yourself, feel it move and spread throughout your body and let it flow outward through your toes, fingertips, head and envelope your entire physical structure such that you feel yourself covered in a warm glow . Now extend this light further through the walls, the trees, the clouds and out towards the universe. Bask in this calmness, in the light for as long as you want. This exercise can be performed before sleeping and will allow you to turn your focus inward.

The soul is a self motivated entity that is limitless and words fall short when defining it. It is constantly evolving, constantly changing and constantly perceiving even as you read this post. The reality and truth of the soul is far greater than religion has ever granted it. The most promising way of swimming in its waters is by looking within you. All that you seek is in turn seeking you!

11 thoughts on “Your Soul Wears Many Bodies

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  2. We can not consciously experience more than one total focus at once, but, to go along with tour idea of one server and many computers, I believe the soul bounces between these different bodies (or computers) in their respective times, and so we experience one and then the next and so on but without living out the whole existence of each body at a time in succession. Cool post, very interesting topic


    • Yes, precisely, right on point 🙂 ! We usually and without knowledge, tune into the existences of the other selves and connect with our soul in our dreams anyway but we can do it consciously too, if our inner senses were honed enough through meditation. Another technique used is apparently regression therapy, you’d need a psychiatrist who’s trained though. And thanks for the extended explanation! 🙂

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  3. I really enjoy your writing. Such a bright, yet sober telling of things. I find it very refreshing. I suspect such qualities flow naturally from the writer to the page.

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