How Dreams Work..

I remember a dream where I walked amidst green lush, under a crisp, warm sun filtering through a canopy of leaves that swooned at the tease of spirited winds. And trees with girth so formidably wide… could be as old as the earth itself. I walked on for so very long, talking and reminiscing with a beloved kin who had left his earthly existence a long time back. As with all dreams, it ended and I woke up into a smile cognizant of the dance I had just danced in the rain of sheer happiness, of a much longed rendezvous….

Dreams, especially of the kind that has special meaning to you, can impart immense succor. We think of dreams as fancy plays directed by our brain as a release for our inner most thoughts and feelings. In truth, dreams take place in a non-physical dimension, independent of space and time, which is as valid as our physical world. We literally have a whole other life in this dimension and that too in a very conscious and accustomed manner! We don’t remember it that way after waking up because our normal waking consciousness is not capable of deciphering information from multiple dimensions. So just before we wake up, the dreams get transformed into data that our physically oriented selves can understand, a process which compromises the true meaning of the dream and hence most often we remember bizarre senseless bits.

It is very difficult for us to accept dreams as anything more, much less a valid dimension of alternate existence, when in your dream, for instance, you’re flying. But basically when you have a flying dream you are in fact often flying! 🙂 Dream dimensions aren’t limited by space or time and so if you are lucid enough, you can do anything you wish, like meet with a deceased kin, learn from a higher spirit/ guide, go back in time, travel through space in the blink of an eye, hallucinate etc!

As our daily routine and work has its own purpose, so does our dream activities. Dreams are not just incoherent bits of events strung together. In the dream realm you solve problems, set goals and construct your physical life gradually. When you wake up you have the way to solve your problem that you learnt in the dream. One can explore these dream dimensions if interested but should not be done with a troubled mind as a negative state of mind will create negative experiences. The dream realm is all around us, superimposed on our physical dimension, and if you use your inner senses you’ll see them as clearly as the device you’re reading this post from, which is what you do when you sleep or when having an out-of-body experience, and which is also what you will solely rely on after physical death (I did not mean to sound morbid here, I promise!).

Living our lives in this moment as physical beings, experiencing the riveting joys of the physical is truly a gift and has its purpose but one can find greater meaning in life through inner explorations. Multidimensional awareness is an inherent ability available to us in our dream state and in some trance states. It is also available to us beneath our normal waking consciousness and we’re constantly picking up information, except we are not aware. Consider these various dimensions as different radio stations and unless you know and acknowledge their presence you will not tune into them consciously.

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  1. Great post. I used to keep a dream diary. I think it actually made me dream more. It was quite time consuming writing down hours of dreams every day and trying to decipher their meaning. Usually the meaning was clearer to see in the future, once events had played out. Nowadays I note down bits of memorable dreams and just let my sub conscious do the rest. 😉

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    • Hey thanks! 🙂 From all the research I’ve done, keeping a dream journal is advised pretty much everywhere! It’s supposed to help you figure out recurrent patterns/ events/ symbols in your dreams apart from helping you decode meanings. You then memorize these patterns/ events/ symbols and the next time you see a dream and they appear, it hints at your consciousness that you’re in a dream and hence you become lucid while dreaming! 😀 I used to keep dream journals for a while and as anticipated I started experiencing more and more lucid dreams which was pretty cool 🙂

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