All, the eyes see, isn’t just all there is to see,

All, one hears, isn’t just all there is to listen,

Akin to the sunlight that appears habitual and modest,

But in truth, enfolds within, a handsome spectrum,

The corporeal paints a picture, mortal and ephemeral,

But in truth, houses eternity that need only you discern,

Dive into the waters within, bathe away all the hurt,

Hurt that spun from erroneous notions and rampant fear,

 That which diffused down time and shackled spirits,

Perhaps to acquaint with good, man must court evil,

And thus, from this perplexing matrix in which we nest,  

Also, emerges hope, a promise of sterling wisdom,

One that persists and emancipates, one that is forgotten nevermore…

Swetha. M

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