The Reincarnation Riddle

If life is a TEST, shouldn’t we all have the SAME question paper? I am sure at some point all of us may have wondered about why some people are born poor and some rich or why do some people die young and others live long or perhaps, why are some people born with debilitating congenital diseases and others normal. You may very well say that no matter what kind of life a person may have, he has his own cross to carry. But, wouldn’t you agree it’s just ‘slightly’ easier when some of us have a pick up truck and others don’t even have legs to carry themselves, let alone carry anything else?

To me, it never made any sense until I chanced upon considering the notion of reincarnation. It embodies the idea that we enter a reincarnational cycle and live various lives as kings, queens, slaves, beggars, doctors, artists, lawyers etc. and sadly while on these paths, we have also been murderers, thieves, extortionists, rapists, abusers and whatever else fancies your imagination. Every life we live has a setting and within this framework; we have absolute freedom to conduct our life in a manner we see fit which could be negative or a positive. This change of roles and scenarios in multiple permutations and combinations is the expression of our Soul, a powerhouse of energy and creativity. In order to experience it’s potential, it manifests a part of it into us, fleshlings and together we evolve and expand our consciousness which in turn promotes growth of the Soul and ourselves. The soul is never static and is always in a state of becoming and so are we.

To understand further, think of yourself as an actor and your life, a play, hardly a new analogy. In fact, you yourself write, produce, direct, set up props, themes and the environment for the play. You and everyone else playing along. Moreover, you get so involved in this grand production, so engrossed in the challenges of your character that you forget it is but a play. While you play this role along with everyone else, there are other plays happening simultaneously, some probably set in 3000 BC, some in the 17th century and yet some still in the planning phase and hasn’t yet begun. And these plays are also created by you! You are as much a part of those plays as you are a part of this present play (your present life). These other plays are your reincarnational lives. Essentially, just like you, these reincarnational selves are also manifestations of the soul and all of you live your respective lives at the same time! It is difficult for us to comprehend such a concept as we are are not aware of our multidimensional selves and we consider time as a linear progression of events that seem to represent a cause and effect routine. Everything that has ever happened, everything that is happening and everything that will happen exists now in this moment!

Contrary to popular belief, we do not necessarily have a rotten life now because of some God-awful thing we did in a previous life! All our reincarnational lives are happening at the same time and carries on just as we planned, to attain various goals. The soul manifests as many personalities at one time. The reason being, that the scope of experiences as physical beings/ non- physical beings/ whatever-other-kind-is-out-there beings is vast and one personality cannot cope with the entire gamut! Spiritual development would literally come to a halt. Apart from individual development, plays often have a purpose, for the entire setting as a whole too such that all the actors work together on seemingly different insignificant aspects of a greater problem that the play itself is to solve, like say, global warming/ world peace etc. This kind of a theme inspires masses and brings us a step closer to development collectively.

All this sounds quite exhausting, I mean, when does it all end? When do we get off the bus? This is not a punishment, be assured our consciousness takes great joy in setting these lives no matter how hopeless they seem because it knows the truth, the undisputable nature of things and of existence. It is only the limited perception of our ego that does not comprehend the system and feels helpless. We must look beyond and broaden the range of our perception precisely because the ego is not and does not represent us in entirety. It is only a portion of our psychic structure that helps us perceive life in physical dimension.

Each of us has our own demons to battle and everything we go through is for a reason. It may not be apparent right now but looking at life with the eyes of faith and goodness can alleviate much of the negativity we encounter. Because we chose our lives doesn’t mean, next time u see a beggar you think he chose poverty, it’s his battle and I must not bother myself with it. This kind of attitude again signifies negativity, which in turn defeats the purpose. As scary as all this may seem, we are never alone, never forgotten and always have guidance, always receive constant support from our soul and other reincarnational selves. I am going to conclude with a quote from this movie I so admire.


So now, all alone or not, you gotta walk ahead. Thing to remember is if we’re all alone, then we’re all together in that tooP.S. I Love You

26 thoughts on “The Reincarnation Riddle

  1. Interesting and really well written, however I am uncomfortable with the thought of an individual’s past and other lives of different era, running parallel. I see that an individual ‘s life is a result of a particular universe that holds a particular relative energy state, so all events in that universe are in chronological order but accessible at any point in the dimension of time relative to that space. Now the universe can have different energy state values, depending on how much energy it holds it could go down to various levels of state. Now parallel lives of the same individual would be a case of different energy state universes, that is in other words parallel universes. The thing is parallel lives within the one specific state of the Universe is not allowed by quantum mechanics, so it has to have parallel universes for the individual to have parallel lives. I hope it makes sense.

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    • Since my knowledge in quantum physics is very basic, I had to google the crap outta this which wasn’t as helpful as I hoped it would be but I think I may have captured a gist of your account 😀 From what I understand, time is an illusion, a construct of humanity by virtue of how we are wired to view it in a linear fashion, courtesy of the ego. This idea enables one to view the reincarnational cycle also as appearing one after the other which is a little hard to make sense of coz then what happens the past personalities once they are dead and also does that mean only the final reincarnated personality matters. However, when we readjust from the linear vision to the simultaneous vision, the idea can be interpreted in various ways like the past, present and future selves existing simultaneously in a spacious present and the only difference being dimensional or different dimensions of their existence which is inter-penetrable as proposed by multiverse theory (only the dimensions part not reincarnation :D). If I have understood correctly this seems to be in agreement with your understanding of parallel lives being a case of existences in different universes and that I merely am of the opinion that time does not exist in the manner we see it now and so that leads me to agree that these are simultaneous existences. And hence, my view that there are parallel dimensions/ universes that contains a portion of our soul/ core entity manifested as a being in that space except we have no way of objectively experiencing that and have to content ourselves for now with protons phasing in and out, seemingly existing at two places simultaneously 🙂

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      • I understand what you said above, and it was brave of you to Google quantum mechanics 🙂 though I am not a specialist of it either but as per knowledge, I would adjust my original argument in a little sync with what you are saying. Time is a dimension that exists as long as space exists, in other words time is a consequence of space being stretched apart. When space is stretched it loses energy, hence the universe now exists in decreasing energy states. Time is able to index those energy states because it’s the common dimension that is being stretched along by space. The neutrons or elementary particles you mention can exist at the same place in multiple copies or different places at the same time because of the fluctuations in the scalar fields caused, the fluctuations are not yet attributed to anything, but theoretically arise because of strings of energy vibrating in extra dimensions that hold our Universe. So for elementary particles to respond to that those energy fluctuations is possible due to their small size, but something like us, I am not sure it can. Our consciousness is a wave represented as a quantum state of multiple fundamental particles, it wouldn’t exist simultaneously at the same time in another space unless the two spaces are identical in all ways. Which would imply that it’s the same space in the first place or may be a carbon copy of the first with no difference in circumstances even time. thus it cannot be considered as two different manifestations but just a reflection and that seems like a redundant idea, and I feel universe is not redundant. I feel Time exists beyond our space no doubt, as long as space exists time as well.

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      • With respect to reincarnation cycle, I am not very sure how that would work, but I would take the liberty to assume that, the information from the past version when it dies is stored safely in the quantum dataand returned to the original field , it then is further transferred to the new body or version when it’s born, as data or energy in quantum mechanics is not lost, the new version caries all the data and energy buried within its subconscious, thats why so many of us have fears we can’t explain bit we somehow have them, probably because we have witnessed something about them in a past version.

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      • Yes, I agree something like us cannot really exist in two places at one time. I’m certain you already understand my point but to re-clarify, by Reincarnational Selves (RS) I don’t mean us or even other copies of us with the exact same scenarios, settings and even time as we understand it. I mean different individuals/ personalities with their own consciousnesses. The only connection between us and RS being the same source which is the soul/ core entity and the communication among us being carried out via our individual consciousnesses (although at the core these are but a single consciousness of the soul and only seems different coz of the different manifestations). I hope that made sense. Now, I’m aware of your view that consciousness cannot exist in two places at the same time which I can agree to but consider this, we are parts of a unified grand universal consciousness/ Source/ God, unless every universe has a different God which I doubt, and from this source we split into individual consciousnesses so that makes us the same consciousness in truth yet we exist in different spaces simultaneously. However, I am open to the possibility of my context indeed being redundant in the face of current knowledge. In any case, existence of consciousness in multiple places at same time or not, I most certainly believe that consciousness is transcendent in the least. Plus, if nothing, we can always bank on the transfer of data and energy to proceeding new bodies as you very empathetically mentioned to keep my spirits! 😀

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      • I see your view and respect it, it’s phenomenal to find people with intriguing thoughts, but See the thing is I don’t believe in God, a being outside our Universe responsible for creation, and I’ll tell you why, but wait for one of my blog in the coming days, and you’ll understand where I am coming from 😀

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    • Nice one, I had wondered about this myself at one point. What I understand is that souls are a part of the one super energy gestalt/ the parent consciousness or what we call God. It is a whole entity that is more than the sum of it’s parts (parts being us). For this entity to be exhausted of it’s creative potential is more likely to not happen and hence can bring forth as many souls as the universe calls for. If you think about it, by posing this question we automatically imply that we are the only place in the entire universe with life as complicated as us which again is not likely to be true. And let’s not forget lower life forms have consciousness too. Thank you for reading Binoy!

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  2. No offense intended, but if you notice, we don’t need other universes to have different gods we already have like so many within our own civilization and there could be so many other subjective interpretations of natural physics to deem them as God.

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  3. You really have a knack of taking most complex of the subjects and putting it out here in most lucid of the words. I have a belief which is diametrically opposite of creationism, a view that is based on Darwinism, that opposes reincarnation. Still, when I read your work, I willingly ride on the journey which your words and sentences so beautifully create… 🙂

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  4. Clever idea. I’ve actually heard or read it recently, but can’t remember where…
    It makes a lot of sense, specially since there’s no space/time outside this physical dimension. Since the concept of before-after isn’t applicable, it would only make sense for all incarnations to be simultaneously playing themselves out in parallel realities.
    Thanks for the post 🙂

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  6. Article is long and i can understand by my belief system not by argument.
    I have seen reply and comments, its beyond my intellectual capacity.
    Hats of to you, you write so well.

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