You don’t belong here, you maggot! Speaks my mouth,
Forgive Her! She isn’t really vile, counters a voice inside,
But this is, well, a wretched wretched world, no doubt,
And just then, with a jab in the chest, ego and I collide.

This be a reminder to nip out forbidden thought,
This be policing the voice inside, she, the unfleshly me,
She be the light that grows and beckons me, the moth,
While I scream and howl, turn vulgar as I ought to be.

But lately my wicked has stalled and I fear a pinch less,
When she sits behind my eyes, I see the world anew,
When she props against my heart, thawing it with finesse,
When her words swim in my head, granting many a clue.

Ego eyes us chatter and bond, works up a rageful storm,
While I sense it’s claws, there is no fear to accompany me,
There is a war no more, for my heart has swollen enorm,
And I embrace you, ego, for you are me as too she is me,
So come, stray your venge for we are supreme in form,
I’ll let you reign and you let her, let’s pass this life, let’s be.


Swetha. M

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