The carpet of yester leaves crunch beneath a shattered me,
As I lay solitary, under the spread of a dark green canopy,
Amidst the yellow of sun reaching past nooks and gashes,
Carrying much yearned warmth to soothe the frost within.

My being breathes, my brain thrives in a broth of synapses,
But the mind lay numb, fails to fathom my deplorable state,
Like an undone jigsaw, like awash with a wave of death,
Like I’m lost in nothingness, forever doomed to roam the void.

I will forever carry wounds and never scars, of that I am certain,
For they will never heal and that which does not heal always hurts,
Tiding over the slightest respite, endlessly so, into days into years,
Until I am slain repeatedly, bleeding within, veiled to eyes without.

Oh, how I long for life to escape out this corpse of a body I wear,
For then perhaps agony shall drain, for then shall I taste liberation,
Until then, as irony has it, I will forever hold onto that which I lost,
You that I lost…
You that I lost…


Swetha. M



62 thoughts on “THAT WHICH I LOST…

  1. The Mind in the Agony shall Last
    Till the body is Lost
    Better not think of the Past
    For it shall make one to Fast
    It is you in the Cast
    You want me to continue….
    My Pats! Pats!! Ptas!!! to you on this Post.
    It has come from the Heart.

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    • 😀 😀 You are amazingly spontaneous with words! You should do a take 2 on the same theme. I have a feeling you’ll come up with a better one! Thank you so much for the appreciation, very encouraging !


  2. Ha! Ha!!
    Good Bodhi
    Bodhi (Sanskrit: बोधि; and Pali) in Buddhism is the understanding possessed by a Buddha regarding the true nature of things. It is traditionally translated into English with the word enlightenment, although its literal meaning is closer to “awakening.”
    I just got this from google after you commented.
    You have awakened me of my capabilities, thanks for that Dear Swetha.
    Let us see what is in store.
    Much Love.


      • As you already know, we can’t look at these things in the physical in order to gain meaning from events. They simply hurt.
        On the other hand, when we look at these events from our spiritual selves, our soul, we approach them as One with Creator, in Spirit. Here there are answers.
        We simply need to connect at this deep soul level and ask the question. The answers are there and the understanding always leads to, first our understanding, and then because of it, our happiness.
        I wish you happiness in all of Life.

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      • You are right on point. Being physical beings and caught up in the human experience, one can’t help but immerse themselves completely. As spiritual selves though, we discover a purpose and meaning in everything. The trick is to tune into that part of yourself that holds infinite wisdom. Wish you much happiness too!:)

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  3. Ah! This longing tethered in the past, always pulling us back into the deep waters of memories. Powerfully written Swetha. Each line set up very eloquently into the whole and the effect was profound.

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  4. Hey there Swetha!!! I never knew you are a poet too… I am not good at it. My bad…

    You have an amazing thinking brain which can go anywhere and everywhere to find such beautiful words to type it out for all of us to read and get enchanted. Superb!!!

    Reagrds, Chiradeep

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