For centuries, we’ve been trying to unravel the mysteries of our universe and have done quite well too. We have come up with certain laws (a bunch of equations, which for the sanity of our minds, I will not be displaying), laws that precisely describe the motion of galaxies, planets and stars, how ripples form on the surface of water, how a ball makes it’s trajectory across the sky etc. All of these discussed and many more form a part of the macroscopic world and constitute classical physics. They allow us to make predictions of the behavior of everything around us with CERTAINITY. During our pursuit of understanding classical physics, we also delved into the microscopic world, a world of atoms and subatomic particles that constitute Quantum Mechanics. These tiny folks have a separate set of laws which, to put it mildly, is baffling and is questioning everything we know about reality.

Down at the Quantum realm, there seems to be some sort of a freak show, where laws of classical physics fall apart. For instance, particles seem to exist in a state of numerous possibilities/ probabilities like following more than one path and existing in more than one place at the same time. Furthermore, two entangled particles (particles connected and who’s quantum states cannot be described independent of each other as one affects the other) separated by light-years instantly respond to each other’s state without any kind of conceivable communication (termed as spooky action at a distance). The most baffling of all concepts is that reality does not exist until observed, i.e., the act of observing something gives it’s existence validity, else it might as well not exist! Which means if you turn your back on your laptop right now, it may just disappear and when you turn back to look at it, it will be just where it was. Your observation of the laptop affirms it’s existence! This insane idea spun from the results of a very popular series of experiments performed repeatedly with increasing complexity and control to nullify any external interaction that may alter the results*.

The quantum laws, in other words, laws that govern crazy behavior, become more apparent when you get down to the tiniest of levels, levels of atoms and subatomic particles. Now, that makes one wonder, where does all this craziness go when things attain size?! I mean, everything in nature including you and me are also made of particles. Why don’t they apply to us or why do these quantum laws contradict everything we know with respect to larger things? We are made of the same particles and we can only take one path or exist on one place at a time. Some physicists suggest that the numerous possibilities at the quantum level exists because of the simplicity of their form and that perhaps somehow they adjust themselves to choose a single possibility or a definite organization and state as we move from atoms to objects. Other physicists suggest that all of the possibilities that occur at the quantum level also happen in the big world except they occur in other universes, i.e., parallel universes! Which means there are lots of ‘mes’ and ‘yous’ in other probable systems/ universes, dinosaurs still exist, Michael Jackson is still alive, India and Pakistan never separated! Basically, quantum mechanics suggests that everything in nature is a case of probabilities/ possibilities and randomness.

To think that the reality of the universe relies on whether or not we open our eyes and look is just completely ridiculous! We cannot fathom such a notion, reason being, we have all these set ideas and we function on the ability to make accurate predictions about our environment and the phenomena there in. Despite our limited understanding of the why’s with respect to the quantum world, we have successfully utilized its application in pretty much every area without which, modern life would literally be impossible. There would be no laptops, cell phones, laser, LED lights, pretty much any electronic device or machine! John Clauser, known for his contributions to the foundations of quantum mechanics, after having attempted several experiments to debunk “spooky action at a distance” finally quoted, “ I was again, very sad that I had not overthrown quantum mechanics because I still and to this day have a great difficulty in understanding it”.

Perhaps, there is some detail that we are missing or is it possible that we are not seeing the big picture and that the story of the tiniest is in fact our story too? Perhaps, the quantum world is our window to reality not just the reality that is observable but also what is not observable. To consider that our reality is more magnificent than we thought is inspiring and encouraging that motivates us to dig deeper, explore more and the beauty of Quantum Mechanics is that it allows us to. And as they say, once you learn Quantum Mechanics, you’re never really the same!






  1. I second the opinion that there are many alternate realities that we have yet not been able to explore because not only of our limited means but also mindsets which simply cannot grow out of 3d for some and 4 d for others

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    • Precisely! I mean time and time again, ideas of alternate realities have floated by mostly in esoteric/ religious and metaphysical literature. Perhaps, sciencing it out will probably help us consider it more seriously!

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      • I almost died more than once with the last and most significant back in 2006 when I was bleeding to death on a surgical table and might have actually been dead clinically though the staff would not admit officially. Only a nurse burst into tears and acknowledged the incident when I described my out of body experience and the terror felt before and partially during it. Let’s say that has altered significantly my view of other realities also because of the aftermath of that incident.

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      • Oh, I am sorry to hear that! I cannot imagine what you must have gone through. I have read about a lot OOB experiences that surgical patients go through and they’re never quite the same again… Because unlike conscious astral projection, this is spontaneous and quite unexpected. I hope you have gotten over the shock of it…

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      • Thank you for your kind concern. I have gotten over the shock of it but still have some tendencies to wander off. I guess that once it happens to you, you’re never quite able to stop it from happening again. Perhaps one day when I have enough time and am able to learn all these techniques of astral projection that so many gurus out there are willing to teach I will actually do it consciously but for now, it is like sporadic breaking out of a cell, both figuratively and truly physically and it just happens without me able to do anything much about it.


      • That is unlike anything I anticipated. I have read of testimonials where others like yourself have spontaneous projections. I am guessing so long as your frame of mind is positive and accepting during those episodes, I don’t think you’d face any negative experiences. I really hope that’s the case…

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      • That is true. Since that time I have actually discovered a capacity to heal others which apparently is something we are all able to do naturally if only we would be back in touch with our core. I’ve used that capacity sparingly as I am not certain how it works exactly but for now it has served well those close to me and I am grateful for it.

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      • I don’t know what it is called. I’ve helped with two knees one shoulder, hips and a neck injury amongst other smaller things like stomach aches and headaches. I don’t know how it works exactly, it just flows apparently as corrective energy

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      • Thanks, it does not feel special, just normal like it is meant to be and the only thing I feel is a surge of heat for some types of hurt and cold for other types. It works mainly with direct physical contact although on two occasions it apparently worked from a distance. It makes me feel good when the healing happens 🙂

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      • I can imagine 🙂 I’d say try and develop it as much as you can. ESP is an inherent ability truth be told but for obvious reasons only a very small percentage of people actually develop and utilize it.

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      • Thank you Swetha. I am doing that. I heal regularly my maid’s son and I also have my dad who is a heart patient with triple vessel blockage and was supposed to die more than a year ago. He also had alzheimer but thankfully he is fine now at 84 although I have not stopped his heart pills just to be on the safe side. I also practise on my small problems like when I catch a cold from someone. One other thing which also happened and is less nice is the increased sensitivity to people’s thoughts and moods. In crowded places that gets overwhelming. I was always an empath but the incident of near death took that to unbearable limits. I was introduced to the bubble technique by someone but it does not work too well for me. All in all it is worthwhile though and I experience somereally beautiful things too

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  2. Seamlessly written Swetha. Microscopic world is really strange which really renders theories that work so well outsides useless. And isn’t all this – Universe and sub atomic world – like some mystery, that is getting more and more thick and difficult to demystify with passing time 🙂

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  3. Hi Swetha M. I think your observations are fun and provocative. However, they are not all accepted by physicists. For instance, even “classical physics” does NOT allow us to make predictions with “certainty”. Eg. look at how general relativity up-ended “classical physics”.
    I think that the mathematics of quantum mechanics is clear and conforms to experiments with enormous accuracy. But it is the interpreters of the mathematics who come unstuck. That’s why we have the Copenhagen Interpretation which is exactly that, an interpretation held to be useful by many but not all physicists.
    Then once you start trying to explain complex math in layman’s terms, you have to use analogies that never quite work.
    Just listen to Brian Cox (heart-throb physicist) talking to Deepak Chopra to get the idea.
    I suggest learning the math if you really want to know how things work and treat explanations for what they are… analogies.
    But thanks anyway for your entertaining post.

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    • Hi! Thank you for taking time and reading. My understanding at best comes from a couple of reads, documentaries and knowledge during college, hence I understand if the content isn’t presented accurately. However, everything mentioned in the post was at some point interpreted or quoted by some physicist or the other so this is not new or conjured by me:)
      And granted most of the quantum concepts conform mathematically (which again I have no in-depth knowledge of) but the interpretation of the same differs like you mentioned. My intention of the post was just to re-present exciting suppositions and ideas already floating about in layman’s terms as best I could. It’s just my take. I really appreciate the suggestions and will definitely check out Brian Cox!

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  4. I am so glad your quantum physics brain is working overtime over there, because it is helping my spiritual brain over here in another parallel universe.
    What I see going on at the quantum level is what we commonly call Spirit. Everything is interconnected. We do not see this at the object level, as that state appears static. However, any decision anywhere within the whole affects the whole in myriad, complex ways.
    This is similar to chaos theory which postulates that a butterfly flapping its wings in the Amazon could create a tornado in Kansas.
    All of our many atoms are paralleled in otherwise distant places across creation. Each thought, emotion, or action is paralleled throughout the spectrum leaving us with varied unexplainable result unless considered as a ball of consciousness across the continuum.
    Well, that’s my spiel. Thanks for being so thought provoking!

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    • I can totally relate to your simple and elegant explanation. I view it as a fabric/ web of consciousness that functions just beneath the realm of physical where all the ‘work’ is happening, where everything we think, feel or do like you mentioned ripples across this layer and is used as information to construct the physical world and it’s variations in other parallel levels.

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      • Yes, very intuitive, it is a fabric. I’ve seen it in a vision. I’ve mentioned it in my blog in an earlier post. It is the reason I believe there are many paths, yet only one truth.

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