Will The Real God Please Stand up?… We’re Gonna Have a Problem Here!


We have never seen aliens but we still believe we are not the only intelligent life in existence, we’ve never seen intuition, but swear by that gut feeling that told us to be wary of someone or when a marriage was over. And what about the air we breathe, time that passes us by or love and hope that compels us to do things we’ve never thought possible and feel things we’ve never felt before? How do all of these things look or taste? What does it sound like? We believe and have faith in the existence of so many things that we cannot even see and perhaps the biggest leap of faith that mankind ever took was believing in a higher power or God.

As I have mentioned in many of my posts, we are familiar with only a tiny portion of our whole selves and identify ourselves predominantly as physical beings. In reality, we are multidimensional personalities; we are consciousnesses who are not limited to this physical world or time and space for that matter. Furthermore, we are not the only reality in existence. There are multiple dimensions/ systems of reality, that we visit in dream states/ some trance states and multiple forms of consciousnesses (manifested physically and non- physically). Now, since we have such a limited perception of our true selves, when we think of God, we inherently think of this Supreme Being in our own image. We imagine a male personality with qualities that we lack and admire, copiously enhanced. So, if you think about it, our image of God kept changing throughout time, with the changing images of ourselves.

God was imagined as violent, strong and cruel when these attributes were considered imperative for our survival, he has been imagined as a woman, a lush, trickster, polygamist, merciful, lovable, intelligent and every other character trait we ourselves possess. We even have numerous kinds of Gods represented by wind, sun, nature, animals, healing, wealth, sleep, death! Our idea of God is pretty much everything and nothing at the same time. If we can, even for a second, fathom our own multidimensional selves and how we dwell in a network of interrelated systems of infinite probable and alternate realities then perhaps we can catch a glimpse of the idea behind the word God. What we think of God now and the answers that we have for the various questions pertaining to it literally makes no sense outside of our own system of reality.

God, therefore is not just the first creator of you and me and everything else in the observable universe but the very and the only Source from which all reality systems, inside and outside of our current perception, was birthed. Just as our multidimensional reality is not consciously perceived by us but, nevertheless is not apart and exists enmeshed, superimposed and all about our physical system, similarly GOD IS NOT APART from anything and everything, including other systems of realities… which includes ghost realms, aliens and probably mutant gigantic cockroaches killing and chowing down on tiny humans. Ok, this part was not necessary but then things were getting pretty serious anyway!

Looking at it this way we would be able to realize that God is the sum of everything in existence and more, which furthermore goes to say we experience God in everything whether we are aware or not. Furthermore, we are a part of this God, manifested as flesh, blood and energy and He (term used for convenience sake only since gender or form is not applicable here) is the life force that gives vitality and validity to our multidimensional selves/ Soul. Therefore, our soul is eternal and must create, as it was created, which is how all systems of reality came into being in the first place, something like the layers of water that cascade down from the original fountain.



78 thoughts on “Will The Real God Please Stand up?… We’re Gonna Have a Problem Here!

  1. Fact is stranger than fiction, nothing proves this adage more right than the infinite mysteries of universe. As you say, there is God in everything around us. And as a matter of fact you may replace the term God with anything -ether, dark matter, dark energy, grand unified force etc etc. But the problem arises when people start thinking it is some great puppeteer holding our strings, controlling this world. (I know I have ventured into a different territory, but it just came out 😛 ) And yes, great article as always 🙂

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  2. So you tackled God. Tricky. However, I 100%, wholeheartedly agree with your exposé.
    When I began blogging, God was a difficulty for me. There are so many gods and I did not want to offend by bypassing someone’s viewpoint. A difficult task, to say the least.
    A while back, God (did I say that?) sent me on a journey to explore all the different world religions and see how similar they were at their roots. A fascinating study it was. It left me seeing the whole religious dichotomy differently… much as you describe above.
    As best as I can describe, God is in and through and One. We are not apart from God and neither is God apart from us. It is all intermeshed in this cosmic Oneness.
    Can One develop a greater part of God in themselves? Absolutely! That is why he/she comes packaged in Spirit. Ours for the asking and taking, if not for the beholding, except by our Higher Senses.

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    • You have summarized this perfectly. You know talking about God, in a world where we are grouped based on our varied belief systems, is very difficult and easily uncomfortable. I am in awe and frankly fascinated that you actually dove right into the whole mess and came out wiser and enlightened!
      I am not an expert obviously but I think that at the core of all religious teachings, it does profess cosmic oneness and yes like you mentioned, that sort of predisposes us to realize, accept and work the God stuff within us. Sometimes it is overwhelming knowing all of this and then frustrating waiting for the rest of us to catch up.

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  3. Beautiful thinking, Swetha. Thought-provoking. The logical derivation of God, especially liked the bit “our soul is eternal and must create, as it was created, which is how all systems of reality came into being in the first place, something like the layers of water that cascade down from the original fountain.” I often think of creation being a wave within a wave within a wave..and so on, like the waves of an ocean wells up hits the shore and then recedes in a sort of eternal expansion and contraction.

    God is such a nuanced idea/concept that we could pelt it from different perspectives and it would all only enrich the broth of the idea of God, and you have brought some original food for thought to the table 🙂

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    • Wow, what a lovely comment. I am humbled, thanks! I love the wave analogy, it’s even better! See you’re right in saying that we can look at the idea of God in several different ways and it’ll only enhance our understanding. It’s even easier since everything around us speaks to us in a language without words and if we really observe and listen, it becomes apparent, we can literally feel the oneness.

      It’s like what Robert Browning once said, “God is the perfect poet, who in his person acts his own creations”.

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      • The slime (like it to the 4th state of water) that holds everything together can be felt between the words and sentences of your reply. This must be what the artists call ‘flow’ ..or at least a version of it, where the muse and the muser come together (your comment has them coming almost together, in my estimate). I hope I make sense to you here. The juice of creation must have some of this slime, I guess. This character called God must be found within this material as the primordial element from whom the slime originates.

        Again, beautiful writeup, Swetha. It sure has gotten us chatting about the elusive but ever so endearingly around within and without as alive a character as God. 🙂

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      • You are full of appreciation and encouragement. Can’t thank you enough for your inspiring words. Motivates me to do better and easier so, I hope, since now I got my slime on! 😀 😀
        Also, I think I understood what you meant by the juice of creation. 🙂

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  4. Love this – and all the comments that follow it!
    When I wrote my book back in 2012, I had a publisher really interested, but he was offended by the words, ‘I am God. Don’t be jealous, so are you.’ He said he’d publish it if I’d remove the references to ‘God’ and use another word. I considered it… then self-published! 🙂

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  5. Very logical arguments – we are multidimensional personalities, which most of the time we ourselves cannot perceive. So obviously God must be a multidimensional entity as well, and a superset of all of us. Also, the Whole (God) must be greater than the sum of the parts.

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  6. This is in these times you write and it is in these times I read.
    It is a pure blending of today’s science and the science of spirituality what our ancestors have said.
    Its definitely original and the words used are very, very convincing.
    So the final blend has come out.
    Therefore the taste is awesome.
    Swetha! My Dear!
    Receive my Pats!!!

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  7. We are all one energy. I believe that and know it to be true. I found God a long time ago, and never let go. Well, sometimes I doubt myself, but one might say that’s like doubting God. Uh-oh Ive said too much. I enjoyed reading this. Thank you.

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  8. GOD is the supreme source of all being and reality. He is the ultimate reality. Because of this, we and the entire space-time creation, depend on the Creator GOD “for its actuality, its meaning and its purpose.” This creation is intelligible because GOD is intelligent and we can understand the creation and Creator {even though it is impossible for finite minds fully to comprehend the character or the works of the Infinite One} because He made us in His image with the capacity to understand Him and His intelligent order.

    It is no accident that at every level of the cosmos sub-atomic, atomic, organic, inorganic, sub-human, human, earth, moon, sun, stars, galaxies all things manifest amazing order and rationality that can be reasonably explained only as the result of a deliberate, creative act of GOD.

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  9. I will agree there is a force – a rhythm – that the universe moves with. Disturb this rhythm and it creates problems – in us, the microcosm and outside us, the macrocosm. Most people need to put a human-like quality to this, as in, “he loves us” and many others. Many people feel the need to be protected and cared for – a father figure – a creator this listens to us, and has a plan for us, etc. They want something outside themselves to fix their problems, but if they pray and they aren’t fixed, God has an out – he must not have wanted the problem to be fixed. He’s teaching us lessons. The universe runs on cause and effect as do our own lives and everything else that lives. Birth, aging, sickness and death – over and over and over. People put human emotions on “God”. They believe in something that has been changed countless times and still say every single word came from “Him” and passed down through many centuries, but even that time span is very short when compared to the age of the universe. People learn this when they are young and don’t continue to search and learn. When they are unhappy and getting old they think they will go to a better place – a paradise. I think they will be very surprised when they find themselves repeating their mistakes over again. ALL living things go through the cycle of life and death, why should we be any different. Spring always follows winter. Birth alwa

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    • Hi Sonni, You are absolutely right and have a great perspective on this. I like a certain point you mentioned that we think of God as an external element outside of us upon whom we dump our problems and expect to receive reprieve from when in fact we are the designers of our own lives, glories and downfalls included. I certainly hope that more people try and explore the God concept because our present idea is very limited and subject to change as and when man’s idea of himself changes. I don’t profess it’s wrong but that’s hardly the way. Our reality is far grander than we give it credit for.
      “Birth always follows death. Every thing gets sick and dies. Nothing stops off in heaven and stays there.” I could not have said it better myself. This is the crux of stuff. Your comment serves as an excellent extension to the post, thanks a tonne for visiting and taking time out to read. Really appreciate it! 🙂


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