So I could not resist but share a smidge about my recent unexpected trip to Goa! And that should explain the short absence in case any of you good folks noticed. It all started when I was having a casual discussion with the mother about travelling and she happened to mention that she has never visited Goa!

However, after the initial hair-tearing shock, a schedule was made, tickets were booked and the next thing we knew, we were greeted by crisp, carefree Goan wind.

First day was spent shelling monies at the Saturday Night Market that held a variety of items from crystals to jumpsuits to spices to Kashmiri carpets and unique products from International designers. A splendid blend of products, food, music, bars and people from all over the world!


Second day we visited The Basilica of Bom Jesus or Borea Jezuchi Bajilika (Portugese) that houses the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier. This mere fact pulls in a good flock, morbid as it may seem. The artwork within the Church cannot be explained in words, one must see it for himself to witness finesse and mastery personified. It was truly awe- inspiring!

Later we routed to Mangueshi Temple, a 450-year-old exquisite structure dedicated to Lord Shiva, the main deity. Some of the finest structures include a seven-story lamp tower and the spectacular water tank. Quite a sight indeed.

Third day we managed to drop into four places namely!

Goa State Museum– This organization contains a whole range of artifacts from sculptures to manuscripts to paintings and a chariot… a gigantic wooden chariot! One can literally get lost and be overwhelmed with the history and stories behind each of the artifacts. A must- visit.


Science Centre & Planetarium– This was delightful mix of interactive exhibits and a huge Science park not to mention the planetarium. Certainly a fun way to learn!

Fort Aguada – This fine Portuguese port was a treat owing to its magnificent structure overlooking the Arabian Sea. The view was breath taking.

Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Church– This little form was a beauty not so much in the design or even the interiors as was in the peaceful feeling that was inherent in its ambiance. It has a festive look and is colorful within.


Forth day was reserved for water sports and yes I got to Jet Ski, got hauled around in a bumper ride, slingshot from a banana ride and yes even Para-sailed! This was a crazy day and I cannot explain what it felt like to be suspended against the blue sky with a gleaming ocean looking at you from beneath. That moment was almost spiritual!

Fifth day was well spent on a shopping spree at the Anjuna Market, also called Wednesday market  which is pretty much the same as Saturday night market. Later the evening was spent amidst leaping, happy dolphins. A delightful experience that granted the perfect ending to a beautiful trip!

If you are looking for a budget trip with an all-inclusive agenda, Goa is ‘the’ location to be. It is a beautiful and carefree place inhabited by hospitable locals. Everything about it breathes peace, relaxation and fun. No matter what age and or what kind of vacation one is looking for, be it a quite trip spent lazing with your partner on beautiful beaches and gorging on sea food or partying away into ungodly hours, this place has it all!  Me and me madre certainly had the time of our lives and the best part is that we got to make some beautiful memories that will no doubt stay with us a long long time!



54 thoughts on “GOA!

  1. Hey Wow Swetha.. Such a beautiful post.. Welcome back from Goa.. I can see that you and your companion, your mom had a wonderful time out there. You have guided us through the hearts of Goa. Can feel the breeze here. That seven lamp tower is interesting. And also that church.. Thanks. Have a great weekend.. 😉

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  2. WOA! Splendid place.. I love the interior design of the Basilica, I can only imagine the wonder of actually being there in the flesh.. Thanks for sharing your awesome unexpected trip 🙂

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  3. Glad you visited Goa! That’s definitely a not to be missed place in India. Pretty good pics of Goa. I have visited Goa a couple of times. Such a beautiful state. 🙂

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