Yes, it’s been a while and just like how a pair of new heels bite into your feet until you break them in, an incessant voice in my head kept drumming… write… write… write… until I started typing these words. Long story short, my blogger-self was halfway through building a castle in limbo-land.

So in all that time I thought to myself how does one break through the paraphernalia of the human life, even if it’s just for a few minutes in a day. I realised I am asking the wrong question. It’s not about FINDING time; it’s about MAKING time.

I know each of us have our own way of disassembling, so to say, after a hard day’s work and yes it’s understandable if some of us do that by placing a packet of Cheetos on our bellies with a jinxed pair of hands popping some and surfing some or even something as charming as sipping on a cup of hot chocolate and reveling in the pages of a good book. I am a zealous practitioner of both these rituals.

You see although most of the unwinding activities impart great sense of relaxation, it doesn’t as a WHOLE. Your body relaxes when it’s sleeping or lolling around or when it’s being kneaded into a dribbling mass of relinquished dough, while your senses have flown aloft with some serious sandalwood aroma into la-la land…

This, right here, is your BODY relaxing…. your SPIRIT, not so much.

Just as your body has needs and you duly fulfil them every day to keep your motor running, your spirit has needs too- a brief escape from the corporeality, a dash of positivity & purity, a hiatus from the regular sensory functions. No points for guessing, meditation is one way of achieving that but it doesn’t mean you can’t do bum when you’re not engaged in finding your zen.

Have you ever looked up from the electronic in your hand and acknowledged the brush of a carefree breeze, the slightly different green of new leaves, the lure of abyss, the melancholy behind somebody’s eyes? Have you gone out of your way to help someone when you had no benefit? Compassion and empathy not just towards people but also towards the tree that stands just outside your house or perhaps the spider that’s meticulously webbing away in some corner of your attic. All that’s around you, appearing to exist as discrete units, seemingly irrelevant and divorced, in essence are one; root yourself to this humble, sublime system and feel the unity. You are IN the system. You ARE the system.

What we must understand is that although we are humans at this point, we are spirit/ energy/ consciousness first and will be so long after and hence we must never disconnect from this core entity. The spirit/ consciousness is an incipient energy that plays out every role it needs to, in order to develop. The human self is just one such role; it is just one wavelength of our entire spectrum of existence. To enrich this experience, the human self needs to acknowledge, connect and align with its spirit.

To lay it simple, our spirit is briefly experiencing humanity and there’s a whole gamut of other experiences in the waiting. So let’s not get lost in the prelude when the entire plot is yet to unfold; let’s not just water the leaves and branches because that’s what the eye can see on the surface, but also the hidden roots from which they spring; that brings forth life, growth and development. Set yourself free within and without…

15 thoughts on “ONE LIFE HACK YOU NEED…

  1. Thank you. Again.
    I always love your posts. And I don’t know why, they’re always on point with what I’m going through in the moment hahah.
    Well, left this computer for 2 months. Finally back, but must say that it was a pleasure to be free and to relax my soul.
    Even left for 10 days to a place where there was no internet connection. The dream 🙂
    Hope you’re fine. I never forgot the words you left me about my ex fiancé and I feel way better now that I’ve been without him for almost 3 months.
    I’m really happy.
    Thank you. Again ❤

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    • Hey! So good to hear from you after such a long time. Last time we conversed, you were very troubled and were trying to work your relationship. It looked like things could get better too. Did not know it ended. However, it seems to have done you good, you sound happy and peaceful. I am so happy for you :))

      And you just practically lived my most cherished dream—> no immediate connection with outside world and basking in the tranquility of one’s own existence amongst nature. Must have been the best experience!

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