‘Know Thyself’


Have you ever wondered….

What are you?

How did you come to be?

Why do you exist?

What is the purpose of your existence?

Why is there so much pain and suffering?

What is the soul?

What happens after you die?

What is the God concept?

I created this blog in an attempt to share what little knowledge I have come to know of and believe to be the absolute truth about the ultimate nature of our existence. Simply put this can be considered a spiritual blog interspersed with esoteric/ metaphysical concepts. My intent is to share/ discuss and gain knowledge over a range of topics varying from the very nature of our existence and purpose to various dimensions of existence, subconscious mind, after death scenario, reincarnations etc. (c’mon.. lets not freak out.. yet!).

Given the times today, we can all agree that these aren’t new notions. Information regarding the same have existed for thousands for years and has surfaced many a times in the form of events where in certain men were touched by great illumination, separated from common masses of humanity and endowed with extraordinary powers. You will remember them as periods of history where we had prophets, messengers, geniuses, extraordinary beings supposedly shown to have unusual proportions and forms.

This idea… this plethora of information and knowledge hasn’t come to our attention or hasn’t had a substantial impact upon us because of the way we evolved as individuals and as societies. As a species we are, almost obsessively, physically oriented beings who entirely rely on our physical senses to perceive the three dimensional world around us, which in its own right is fair, but what if I told you that there are other equally valid dimensions that we have the power to perceive but cannot do so consciously because we are ego bound and held in a spiritual rigidity with the intuitive parts of the self either distorted or denied or blocked beyond recognition?

I firmly believe that we are on our way to higher evolution and I am not talking about transportation beams, robots that cook/ clean/ take out trash, memory wiper (God knows we need this one!) etc. 🙂 . I am talking about psychological, mental, or spiritual evolution. 

By making this knowledge more public and bringing it into a platform, where everyone can discuss and gain information, one can hope for it to reach far and wide and encourage more people to explore this realm. To put it straight all the knowledge, that we yearn for and seek subconsciously or consciously, is in reality within us, we need only the will to access it!

Lets know thyself!

P.S.– To kick start you may refer to my initial posts, ‘CONSCIOUSNESS’  &  ‘WHAT HAPPENS TO A THOUGHT WHEN YOU FORGET IT?’


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  1. knowing ourselves has been the longest quest in the entire history of mankind. We are still trying to do so, peeling layer after layer of this mystery… good start.. would love to read more on this.. 🙂

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  2. What are you?
    Ans: A human consisting of a body, mind & spirit. My spirit has an upward or God-ward pull, my body has a word-ward pull and my mind has a self-ward pull.

    How did you come to be?
    Ans: Created by God through a natural process.

    Why do you exist?
    Ans: I exist to fulfill God’s purposes in my life.

    What is the purpose of your existence?
    Ans: Kinda similar to the above

    Why is there so much pain and suffering?
    Ans: Pain & suffering is a by product of sinfulness of human kind. Because of the seed of sin the thorns of pains have grown on this earth.

    What is the soul?
    Ans: Soul or spirit is eternal and is the true identity of any individual which has a temporary cloth and that is his/her body. Spirit lives forever.

    What happens after you die?
    Ans: Most difficult question, I will either go to heaven or hell according to my choices on earth itself.

    What is the God concept?
    Ans: He is a spirit too. He is the creator of whole universe. He is the sustainer and the only source of life. The concept is vast and can’t be written in this small space.

    Thanks for these questions…

    Regards, CP

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  4. Swetha Madam!
    I had put a comment here on this page when I visited the other day when I had followed, I am not getting it to be seen.
    Here is what I had said:
    The Image what you have put above is wonderful and depicts the subject of your writing.
    I kept on seeing this for a long time, it is amazing.
    I think volumes can be written on that particular picture, thanks for sharing it.
    I welcome you to my Blog, the Red Carpet is unfurled for you.
    Thank You,

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    • Thank you so much! You’re too kind and I am truly humbled and excited to have connected with you. I completely agree with you on the meaning that the simple picture puts forth. I like and strive to get images that closely relate to my post content and one that speaks volumes. For you to have noticed that is a treat! Thank you once again and look forward to some amazing exchanges! 🙂


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  8. Swetha, this is a lovely introduction of yourself.
    Indeed, the mystery of life and the philosophy behind the life and living is so fascinating to explore that it becomes an external quest. One of the important exploration is the attempt to discover the very purpose of our life. We get so much into the daily grind, we forget to reflect, and the moment we get the time to pause and question our existence and the engagement of life, we are left many more questions than getting one…science provides some and spirituality provides some other but, there many more which haunts us through out our life and we never find one…
    Perhaps an illusion we don’t recognize and keep running behind the elusive notion of happiness and success.
    This is a debate we should keep engaging in our life and we should disconnect from the world to connect with self.

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    • Hey thanks! Rightly said Nihar. I always stress on the idea that one must take out time and introspect and meditate so as to get more out of his/her consciousness. We have a very limited idea of who and what we truly are and it has suffered more so owing to the way life has advanced. I don’t blame advancement but the old way of life certainly gave us more opportunities to stay in touch with our inner self and not completely drown in the physical experience of life. Physical experience is just one type of the many different kinds of existence our personality undertakes and neither do we end when that experience ends. Thanks for stopping by and I really appreciate your thoughts on the subject!

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      • I agree Swetha…Life has become complex, and we are living in two worlds. It is not just about the inner and the outside world, it is the real and the virtual world too, so much to do and so much learn but we as usual constrained by time, life has so much unsolved mystery, the more we think we realize how little we know about ourselves and the life around us. It’s only when we pause and reflect we understand how much we missed our life and how we should be living our life. There is no dearth of knowldge around us, it is for to spend that quality time to fathom and figure out what to learn and where to focus, otherwise we loose the plot in life and play a wrong game, experience and exposure counts and makes a lot of difference and we should be open to ideas and new way of doing things in life…
        My pleasure…you have a lovely blog.

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  9. Hi Swetha, Nitin in my Facebook group shared your site with me as we both write on similar subject, so I came to check it out. I’m definitely enjoying the information. I’m book-marking and will be tweeting this to my followers! Excellent blog.
    I so much loved your about! I am still looking for the answers to the questions you mentioned! Simply finding Truth! I am sure you’ll like my blog 🙂

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    • Hey there! Thank you so much! Sorry for the late response, i’ve been off blog a while now. A little overworked. Very sweet of you to tweet my site! I am humbled 🙂
      Nitin is a fantastic writer himself, i am so glad he shared my site, it’s very nice to connect with you.
      I’d love to visit your blog especially since it seems like we have similar line of thought 🙂 Thanks for visiting, see you again on yours!

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  10. Swetha, I’m delighted to have found your blog. Tragically many people will live their whole lives without ever asking themselves questions such as these. During a dark time in my life a few years ago, I kept asking myself, “What’s the point?” . What’s the point in life in general? What’s the point in my life? What’s the point in anything I do? Instead of looking for answers from elsewhere, I gradually found the answers within my own mind. I’m now a much happier person with a strong sense of purpose. I’m more appreciative of the everyday moments that make up my life and I’m now doubt better company for others as a result. We can all learn a lot from asking ourselves the questions you’ve posed here and I look forward to exploring your thoughts in your posts. 🙂

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    • Karen thank you very much for taking out time and visiting my site:) I know what you mean and I can relate to you. It takes a great deal of strength and courage to get out of the negativity that we let ourselves envelope in and find peace within us. Unfortunately, like you rightly said, not many people have this kind of perception. Sometimes even if people posses the knowledge, trials and tribulations of life often bog them down. We are so trapped in our limited perception of life and spirit, it has quite strongly dulled our inner senses and blocked our way inward- the true source of peace and knowledge. I believe we have the power to change our environment, exterior and interior, into anything we like. We need only try! I am happy you were able to get out of your difficult time and rise beautifully into positivity and peace:)

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