We can all agree that we’ve come a long way from Neanderthals. Evolution may be random, selective, multi-directional, complex, dependent etc. but is never stagnant. Just about everything around us is always in a state of change, so is our soul. We understand evolution of the soul to be unidirectional, more precisely a bottom to top ideology. In terms of progress, top is where you’ll find your place of eternal joy, i.e., the heavens and bottom is where this diabolical entity whirls a nasty ass fire waiting for some sinner’s soul to fall in.

We have this set idea of a one- direction development courtesy of religious dogmas. However, my intention is not to challenge these beliefs because at the time of their inception they served a purpose. A purpose indeed but for that time alone in line with the level of spiritual development and root assumptions existent then. Eventually, we were all meant to get out of that phase and move into a higher level of consciousness thereby enabling us to perceive reality for what it is and not for what we were told it is. Obviously, that didn’t happen, not throughout anyway.

In truth development or evolution of the soul unfolds in all directions, as is apparent if you consider the idea of probable systems of reality and reincarnation, obviously because this enables the soul to spiritually evolve faster and grants a richer and an all-encompassing experience. How else would a soul experience the entire gamut of human existence, i.e., poor, rich, famous, sick, primitive… you get the point. But because we have been conditioned to believe otherwise, we do not realize the true nature of our soul.

The most potent way to tame and manipulate the mind is to program it into a belief system. I remember reading this somewhere that from the time you come into this world, even before you are able to differentiate between food and poop (Guilty! This part’s me!), you’re given a nationality, religion, culture and you did not even choose it! You grow up learning it, believing it, defending it and being part of the flock. Seems harmless enough, isn’t it? But the problem here is that it closes the mind and snuffs out any opportunity to explore by oneself for oneself, specifically with regard to religious dogma. This one did a real number and its signature accomplishment was division among humans.

Don’t get me wrong, while all our religions were initially built around the truth (true nature of reality/ ultimate unison of the Source and soul) at its core, most of the symbolism, stories and events that developed later were far from it. How so? These symbols/ stories/ events were creations and projections of a collective consciousness with limited perception of reality. What do I mean by that?  Let’s go back to the fundamentals; we create reality through our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and intentions. When a large group of people hold similar thoughts and beliefs; their expectations project into the physical world faster and almost certainly.

Most events throughout human history, miraculous/ religious and otherwise, occurred because large groups of people put enough energy into it in the form of faith or fear. These were projections of their inner most beliefs and expectations spun from limited perception with or without their knowledge. For e.g. the devil does not exist but because of the energy he’s given by the people who do believe in him, he is real enough for them and possess a certain amount of consciousness too. He is the mass projection of certain fears.

Folks like Christ, Buddha and other enlightened beings, knew the truth and they tried in their own way to help others realize too, again, in line with our level of consciousness. They gave up everything and were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the truth to prevail. I am not proposing that you give up life and go meditate in the Himalayas but take a larger step in the spiritual path, strive to have your own individual spiritual experience instead of relying on somebody else’s testimony, enable expansion of the soul and connect with your multidimensional self. The truth will inevitably reveal itself. Let us pave a path for the Source and the Soul to unite. Yes it takes commitment as with anything else but would you have it any other way?

72 thoughts on “TAKE THAT STEP TODAY

  1. I was done reading blogs here today, and about to close the tab. But then i saw the notification of one new post lurking at the top right corner. After ponder a second or two, I clicked on it, and saw it was your post. A smile spread across my face. 😛

    I think this tells the fact that I may have read many blogs, but one thing I am sure of, that your post would be something different, something thought provoking. And, I wasn’t wrong.

    First of all I was happy to see term evolution in your blog 😛 (You know how I am an ardent fan of evolution. Just wrote a long reply on one of my blogger friends’s post about it). Then I enjoyed how you linked soul with it. (I don’t believe in souls, but you always make me believe in them for the time I am reading your post 😉 )
    And how true is that. How we are stamped with religion, region, without our consent. And they talk about being free.

    PS: I should stop now, you would be cursing for my rambling.

    PPS: I am not drunk.

    PPPS: I am telling the truth. 😛

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    • LOL! Sorry! I could not help but laugh. Something tells me you are gonna regret and face palm yourself when you revisit your comment here tomorrow for I am not entirely convinced with the ‘PPS’ part or the proceeding ‘PPPS’! Hahaha

      Anyhow as always your thoughts on the posts are without fail engaging, humorous and highly motivating so I got nothing to complain about. Also, your ramblings are very much welcome and appreciated here so ramble on! 😀 Glad you liked the evolution connection I used but honestly I am not too big a fan of it 😛 and the soul does continue exist even after you’ve read my posts!! 😀

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  2. I think you hit it on the head. I also think this truth is rapidly expanding. It is not the masters we should look to in a physical manner, but rather what the masters had that we should not only get, but expand upon. This can only be accomplished in a spiritual sense. Herein lies a movement into everything that IS.

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  3. Wow Swetha. . Insightful as always. I can totally relate to this. I also believe that our growth process is not uni directional as we are taught. It is isotropic. Our growth process depends on which direction we start to grow. We have come long way from the origin of humans, but still we have a long way to go. It is a never ending process. We should all try to improve our level of consciousness so that we can move near and near to the truth and purpose of life. We don’t have to reach stars to know it, but we have to reach depths of consciousness and thoughts to know it. Everything that we are taught was true but it is limited to some extent. The consciousness level changes and we are in a new level with new set of problems. So we have to re-frame the rules according to the modern problems. With increase in level, there is also increase in responsibility. Even in our growth process, we learn about our world step by step and we think it as the only world. But this is similar to Plato’s cave theory. Once read it if you haven’t. We don’t know what exists outside so we contain ourselves with what we are taught. There should be change in the way we think. Only then there could be a change in the way we teach. Even Lord Krishna said “Only one thing is constant in world, and that’s change.” ‘Parivartan hi jeevan ka neeyam hai’ This applies here too. Thanks for sharing Swetha. Wonderful post. Have a great day ahead. 🙂

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    • Thank you Jackie, how well you have extended on the topic! Clearly, you know what I’m talking about and more. I particularly liked “We don’t have to reach stars to know it, but we have to reach depths of consciousness and thoughts to know it.” I could not have said it better. Just checked out Plato’s Allegory of the cave and it’s an excellent theory, the analysis of which is relevant to my posts, I may just include it in the next one so thanks for suggesting! 🙂
      Frankly sacred texts do talk of all these concepts and we do not have to start blindsided. Wise people throughout time have explained all we need to know about reality, like the one from Lord Krishna you added. The choice to experience it is what now stands. Things are changing, more and more people are learning and exploring. I am positive; it is only going to get better from here on. Thanks for taking time and reading Jackie, always a pleasure to know your thoughts on the subject! Have a great day yourself 🙂

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      • You are most welcome Swetha. These topics always interests me and invite me to think on them. I am glad to know that you read ‘Allegory of the cave’ by Plato. It reveals the hidden meaning of our thinking nature and the way we perceive things. From ages wise men have gained immense knowledge from universe and have tried to impart it to us by their arts, paintings and writings. Yes being positive forms the key to ascend the levels of consciousness. It’s my pleasure to read your insightful thoughts on interesting topics. Thanks for the wishes, day has been good so far 🙂

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  4. Hi, Swetha… I was kinda missing your comments on Candles Online and was thinking what has gone wrong with my friend who would visit regularly. Then I realised it was my fault… I didn’t pay a visit to hers… Lol… So as I was on leave today I thought of visiting and reading few pieces here and there and stumbled upon this one.

    Anyway, something funny happened as I was so engrossed with your write up. After finish reading this I started searching for a pen to comment under this article. Then I suddenly realised I don’t need a pain but just tap on the keyboard to type it down… Lol

    The concluding part of your article is the clincher when you set a target for everybody and you did it beautifully right: “…take a larger step in the spiritual path, strive to have your own individual spiritual experience instead of relying on somebody else’s testimony… The truth will inevitably reveal itself. Let us pave a path for the Source and the Soul to unite. Yes it takes commitment as with anything else but would you have it any other way?”

    A true seeker always reaches that spiritual realm and finds the TRUTH, who is God Himself. Unless we search and seek the true God, it is impossible to have that connection between us with God. Because even if we acquire knowledge about Him from others we won’t be able to connect to Him & worship Him in truth and spirit if we don’t seek Him ourselves.

    I am not a religious guy but I always seek His face on a moment to moment basis.

    Thanks for sharing… Stay Blessed!!!

    Regards, Chiradeep

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    • Hi Chiradeep! Lovely thoughts and so thoughtful of you to come by and say hello 🙂 I have been drowning lately with a new job and relocation so blogging has taken a back seat for now 😐 That means I haven’t gotten a chance to catch up on other blogs as well 😦 But I am positive I’ll get back on track soon and shall visit you when I do!

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      • Oh, wow… new job!!! So treat on the way!!! 🙂 Congrats!!!

        Take your time… And I needed you to write a piece for a topic which we can discuss and set so that you can be featured writer for a week on Candles Online. We can discuss on email. Thanks!!!

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  5. Hi. Most of my old site data got lost when I was transfering it to the new address. So reconnecting for time being from here. Follow me on this address – sharingtidbits.wordpress.com:)

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  7. Swetha!
    The question you have put ” would you have it any other way?”
    To answer it one has to completely understand what you have put forth, the subject is profound and sensitive, delicate and elaborate in nature.
    It is frank and fearless. It needs a study. I only hope many should understand the profundity of the subject as it may lead to controversies and misinterpretations.
    Great Post!
    I am not receiving some notifications on my mail, I wanted to visit you and came through my list of follows.
    I have tried lately some Haiku which you shall love to read.
    Your presence, visit and comments would boost the significance of my Posts.
    Come read them, I am sure you shall love to.
    Thums Up!
    Fond Regards!

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    • Hey Shiva, it’s always such a pleasure hearing from you. Thank you for visiting. I agree with what you’ve expressed. The subject of this post is certainly not fruity. Its heavy and can attract a lot of criticism/ misunderstanding. My intentions are never to veer anyone off their faith or belief, it is merely to to suggest an alternate perception and self exploration.

      And yes, I have been off blog for a while now. Turns out I cannot handle my job and the blog 😐
      Haiku seems interesting, shall definitely check few out and I owe you some visits so will get on to that too 🙂
      Thanks again for saying hello 🙂


  8. It’s weird how things keep changing and we keep evolving but somehow I feel that we have devolved more then evolved. For once, we care less now. It hurts so bad to see that. As long as their work is done, nobody gives a damn about others. People do things in fear of God, they keep talking of what great good do-er they are but when its time to actually help mostly they don’t. Hardly any time for others. Weird eh? I hope your posts like this bring more kindness into people. 🙂 Keep writing posts like this. Feels good to find a person with a similar belief about evolving. By the way, where are you? No posts since long?

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    • Hey there! Sorry for the late response 😐 I got me a job and I am failing miserably at blogging. But it feels great to know that lovely people like yourself miss my work.:)
      You are right on when you say that we are devolving. The world has changed plenty and I feel we were more in touch with our inner self and goodness in earlier times than now. I feel sad but I also feel hopeful. I know it’s contradictory but I think we’re onto better times but of course a struggle is in order before we reach that point. What we can do is enable the transition if not to the intended stage, then, as you rightly said, evoke kindness and courage in ourselves and others 🙂 It’s so nice to hear from you 🙂

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      • I agree with you. Although there’s so much to feel bad about and feels that humanity is at it’s lowest, there’s plenty to hope for and believe and keep going for. 🙂 Every single person makes a difference and we in our small ways make difference by being who we are, kinder the better. 🙂

        Jobs! >.< I have a job and it keeps me busy enough. Hate it at times because all I want to do is blog and can't do it. lol

        Hope you get time for writing. Good luck. 🙂

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      • “Every single person makes a difference and we in our small ways make difference by being who we are, kinder the better”… This should be like a quote or something! It holds great meaning 🙂
        Yes I hope I can make time 😐

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  9. Hey Swetha,
    You always have nice and sweet words of wisdom… so maybe you can help…
    I’m having a dilemma (do I break my engagement or not) and I really need an advice…
    If you can stop by and let me know what you think about the situation it would be really nice ❤
    (the last article: everything is falling apart)

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  10. Swetha!
    What is this, no news and no post from you at all.
    Your thoughts are so good and you write so well, why you have been postponing.
    See, life is like this, the most best things you love and like it does not allow you to.
    So look, no, no, stare at it, deep into it and it shall cooperate, it shall listen to you.
    I know you understand.
    Love to You,

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    • Oh Mr. Shiva, how very encouraging of you. I keep thinking of how I should find time and then it keeps getting postponed! I shall take your advise, take out time and look and look deep into my thoughts. Surely there’s lots to listen 🙂

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