Every day we are faced with numerous choices, be it deciding whether to have just one more french fry or whether to merge your company. We are forever in a state of making decisions, some trivial, some of great importance. So, picking one option over the other must mean that the picked option is carried out and the other forgotten and non- materialized. What if that is not the entire story? What if every thought and intention you have ever had materialized even if you never carried it out?

Every physical event at the outset is a mental act and every mental act is valid. Let’s take an example. Your friend calls you for a party, you think of three options, 1) You could go to the party 2) You could stay home 3) You could drop both options and do something else you want. Now all of these options are valid and have equal potential to materialize at this point. But the option you choose turns it into a physical act and becomes one of the many such acts that compose what we call life.

However, at the risk of sounding nucking futs, the options denied are carried out as well and in some cases even better than the ones you choose to materialize if there’s a strong emotional quotient behind it! Just because we rejected them, does not mean they do not exist or are not valid. They are happening in another reality, a probable reality! If you’ve always dreamed of being a singer instead of what you are now then in another reality you are and if you are not using a particular skill that you possess then in another system of reality, your probable self is!

Our soul/ whole identity is an energy powerhouse that is always in a state of becoming. It is not a finished product so literally every thought and intention of all its manifestations (you, your reincarnational selves, your probable selves etc.) is explored in some reality or the other. This playing out of every possibility opens up new dimensions of actuality albeit below our level of perception. However, it is not a closed system, it is available to us through our consciousness and if ventured can be of immense assistance. These probable systems exist all around us like air, we are in it, and it is in us, an invisible part of our psychological framework.

Now, there are constant outgoing and incoming signals between you and your probable selves. Haven’t you ever had an idea or impulse that felt alien and surprised you for you could not understand how it occurred to you? You may not know crap about art and on one unsuspecting day, a sudden impulse engages you to go pick up a paintbrush and paint away. If these impulses were originating from a probable self, you’d learn these skills faster. Our probable selves are just individuals like us with their own lives and freedom of choice. We are not consciously aware of them.

Taking this idea further, also consider that it is not great to dwell on unpleasant experiences from the past as a certain probable self may still be involved in that situation and may cause over identification. Also because you don’t want to end up like Lerina García which seems to be a case of probable self swaps! Ok, I’m clowning! Similarly, it is not wise to obsess about future illnesses or disasters as it opens up new avenues for negative probabilities that you simply do not need! The past existed in multiple ways, you only know of one, the one that you actualized. Similarly, you are now setting the stage for many probable futures with your intentions and thoughts.

Since we are open to constant signals/ bleed- throughs from other systems, it is possible for us to tune into future events. How do some people predict their own death accurately or accidents? Many people have claimed to predict 9/11 or the sinking of Titanic well in advance. And talking of predictions how can I not mention French physician Nostradamus who made thousands of predictions and more than half of which have occurred today.

So just as we have probable selves, we must also have probable societies, probable worlds! History may have unfolded in a million ways, all acted out, all existing in other layers of reality. We only choose certain acts and turn them into physical reality which is then perceived as the only reality. The greater picture escapes us! We may just be able to relate this to the behavior of atomic and subatomic particles. You see they are in a state of vibration and seem like they exist fixedly instead they phase ‘in’ and ‘out’ and it is so swift that we don’t realize the gap. We are able to observe them at all the ‘in’ phases and get to explore their characteristics that are visible and perceivable in that phase, in our dimension. During the off period, they appear in other systems of reality.They have a greater reality that completely escapes us. 

What we observe is just a small fraction of the entire multidimensional network and reality does not end where our vision fails to extend. I am aware that these ideas are hard to consider but they are not new and have been floating about for a long time. Time and time again we have encountered cases that challenge our understanding of reality and sometimes downright pull the rug out from under us like in the cases here, please do check it out frankly coz it’s eerily entertaining but mostly coz it talks of unusual, inexplicable occurrences that force us to rethink! 



  1. Cool post, though I do not think that you can use as an argument that people knew about Titanic or 9/11 because this is just a selective bias, you see just those people whos prediction was right and not the much larger amount of people whos predictions were wrong. Plus it is so easy to say that you knew something is going to happen when you had a bad feeling yesterday, but it does not mean that you have predicted it.
    Otherwise interesting concept!

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  2. the mind boggles a bit, but only because, you seem to have laid it out so believably, I am wondering which probable self from what alternate reality provided this inspiration. I say so sincerely and with all due respect! Very well put together! :))

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  3. Great post, Swetha. I was just discussing the concept of parallel universes with another blogger yesterday. You might be interested to read her post… http://latourabolie.net/2016/02/21/parallel-processing/
    By the way, I have also had premonitions that turned out to be true. Nothing big like 9/11, but definitely accurate. Maybe all the people who were wrong were seeing probabilities that didn’t end up in this reality 🙂

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  4. Wow Swetha.. Such great thoughts to think over. For some thoughts which are hard to believe and explain, I still wonder what my probable self will be doing in that other probable world. But you have put it very well together giving readers a good time to wonder on these thoughts. There are visions which may be probable self try to communicate through us. But science never proved that there may exist such a parallel world or any inter-dimensional world, but there are many things which we are aware of. So I am just leaving my thoughts to imagination. and those 10 creepy tales very interesting Taured? A place? Still I can’t believe on the authenticity of such occurrences. But are very entertaining. Many of my probable selves are still wondering. Have a great day Swetha. 🙂

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    • Thanks Jackie, I am glad you found it interesting and yes as you mentioned, these are just ideas that cannot be validated so far. However, it makes for an interesting concept that can be further explored. Also, science does talk about a multiverse theory which is pretty cool although again in no way proven so far! Thanks for stopping by and have a great day yourself!

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  5. There’s always a possibility… Our eyes can only see so little… there are so many things that can be felt but can’t be seen… so many levels of lights and even air… I’ve heard time is 4th dimension, although I’m not sure… a very interesting post Swetha… There’s so much to think about, it’s like we are tiny energy droplets in this vast universe 🙂

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    • I can see the poet in you peeked here 😀 A beautiful interpretation Sanghamitra! And what a fantastic point you made, our eyes cannot see everything but that does not nullify it’s existence. And as you mentioned just like air has levels and light has spectrum, I am guessing so does matter! 🙂

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  6. Well explained, explaining the unexplainable. When we start to see things in this light though, we begin to see the fabric emerge. Everything and every thought interweaving and becoming a part of the next, which simply leads us to a whole. The more we are aware of an realize the whole, the closer we are to actualization, not just the actualization of the specific track we’ve chosen.

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  7. Parallel universe ! This topic never fails to fascinate me. And you did supreme justice by layering it in just the right proportions. Self swaping and ovver identification is something new, I learnt in this aspect. But then what boggles my mind is the complexity involved if every point of time is giving rise to multiple realities, and in process multiple universe. I’m thinking too much and that’s the beauty of your posts. Excellent writeup. 🙂

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    • Thanks Nitin for the lovely comment as always! I know this idea is a brain bash! Although I could not say with certainty if our slightest imagination gives birth to worlds, I think we can still consider that every life- changing scenario we encounter in life may probably be the point of bifurcation, with some actualized here and the rejected ones somewhere else, especially if there’s a strong motive associated. All in all, as fantastic and weird as this may be, I certainly find this interesting!

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  8. Sometimes the dimension just between half sleep and suddenly wide awake is scary and sometimes that throws people into a loop to go back to bed in order to get back to where they should be. I have often had repeated dreams of a day a time, things that happened and most revolved around luck and I knew in advance but could not alter it.

    Being in different places when are minds are not used as much as we could by a longshot or having deja vu happens if you pay attention. Going into and out of realities are certainly within our abilities to have thought of it.

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    • Precisely! We just don’t consider these ideas let alone explore it because we are too rooted in the physical experience of things.
      The whole, ‘Ill believe it when I see it’ is overrated. There’s a lot happening all about our reality and all we have to do is try and tune in, get a glimpse of the bigger picture! Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  9. I really appreciate your deep thoughts. For me, I consider myself an illusionist and though I believe there is only one reality with different perspective 🙂 Have you watched the German movie ‘Run Lola Run’? You will like it, it’s relevant to your thoughts. And keep thinking and writing such deep contents 🙂

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      • I also read a Turkish language and literature and I’m Turkish so I know him and his art. You have pleased me in you. You are fan of him … And It was a very pleasant encounter. I’m glad I met with u . That is really nice .🙈🌸

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      • Wow! That is amazing 😀 obviously you are a lot familiar with a good chunk of his work. Perhaps you could advise me on some of his most famous pieces when time allows. I’d love to read some!

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      • Oh right .
        Rumi was a professor …and poet ..a theologian and a scholar for most of his life. He was nearly 40 when he met the wild dervish named Shams who transformed his life. Until then he led a quiet disciplined life of an orthodox religious figure from an elite family who was an incredibly popular university professor. He was Muslim . And he was Sufi . Meanwhile what it means to be called a Sufi. To be a Sufi ;is the same as belonging to any cult or sect or small religious or spiritual group that has a structure and a system of hierarchy. There is the master at the top, then officers below him and then the disciples. The master, whether it’s a small Christian cult in the Midwest of the US, or an ultra-orthodox Hasidic community in Jerusalem, or a small Sufi sect in Egypt, or a Guru in an ashram in a village in India, has complete and total control over the group. Some of book about that Sufism .

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      • I mean I’m Muslim I can understand what he says but if you wanna read him first ,you have to search about Islam . Then you will understand well. But I have advise also “Mesnevi’ (idk how says in English ) it has little stories ..There are little stories with spiritual meaning.There are some things with you related to Sufism..

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      • I am not a Sufi but I’m Muslim. There are people dervish in my family that is why I know what mean of Sufism. It is fully spiritual .It means a strong bond with God . I love that and read him as I say I’m doing education about it . ☺️If you want to ask something I can help you all the time🌸🍓

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      • You’re a sweetheart 🙂
        A lovely summary you’ve given me. I had no idea about his life in general. And thanks for pointing out the subtle difference between Islam and Sufism. Always wondered!
        I’ll try Mesnevi. I think I know what you mean. Every religion has these short stories that has a moral value and through which a greater meaning comes out. I like reading anything that has to do with spirituality. Think I’ll check on this one!
        I hope you learn a great deal and share some posts about it when you get the time 🙂

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  10. Our thinking is very much a like. Expounding on your comment about the choices we make – why DO we make the choices we do? Why not pick a different choice? What determines what we choose? There isn’t one pat answer that covers everything. One, it depends on what life condition (or mood) we are in at the time. that directly affects what we do. If we are angry or sad, vengeful or determined. So many different conditions and they all affect what we do. We react to life – the decisions we make based on how we are mentally. Most people don’t realize that we determine these things ourselves. We can’t blame our choices on anyone else even though many try to. Because life is a series of causes and effects, the things that happen to us to cause these choices, the things that happen are effects of causes we have already made. Then we make new causes and have new effects to deal with. We have exactly the life we have caused for ourselves. We can’t expect anyone other than ourselves to give us a better life. We have to do it for ourselves. So often we wish we could go back and do things over, but we can’t. All we can do is use the wisdom we have hopefully gained and make better choices. We have to be appreciative for the lessons we learn. We make our choices depending on our nature – what we were born with. It is our karma.The cycle of life is the same for all living things. Birth, aging, sickness and death. It is the same with human life. Don’t live life because you think it will be better when you die. Live life and make as many positive causes as you can and have better effects while you live, which will cause you to have a better life next time.

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    • You really know this stuff! Your last statement blew me away 🙂 Up until a certain point I was like one of those people who blamed others or God for their problems. It’s not just what we do or the choices we make in this life that brings the effects we see today; it’s also what we have done before this life and what kind of a person we are within, at our cores.
      Even if everything we go through does not necessarily have a karmic relation, a lot of it may have to do with developing some kind of a positive attribute in us like strength, faith, compassion etc. And like you rightly mentioned the only way forward to a better life is to be a good person driven predominantly by the force of love. Anything done out of love can never be wrong.

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      • Almost right. Everything we do does have a karmic relation, but we might not have the wisdom to see it. It’s like saying gravity might always work. We’re human. Everyone is on a different path. Some have more insight than others. It’s why a God oriented works so well for some people. If they can’t see the answers our understand the beginning then people think it’s mystical and God must have done it. There are no miracles, no luck and no chance. Everything has a cause. Who we are and all the circumstances around our birth and all the facets that make up who we are come from effects from causes we previous made. Why would a child be born with AIDS in a poor country and also end up starving to death? If our birth was luck that could be you our I. Everyone who has a terrible in life is getting exactly what he caused. It is so hard to watch children struggle like that..

        There are many good teachings in Christianity. Most Christians don’t take them seriously. They think praising God is all they have to do. The other day I was researching “you reap what you sow” in the Bible. It is mentioned many times. That phrase is the same as cause and effect.. Cause and effect is the basis of most Buddhist sects. But this preacher in his lecture told his Christian followers to not worry about “you reap etc” It want important he said, because Christ died for your sins. That is screwed up. He was,in essence saying, “it doesn’t matter what you do” So all of the hateful Christians who feel they have a right to hate, and kill people different from them, and are racist, our Catholic priest who molest kids, think it doesn’t matter because Good has a palace waiting in heaven. The most important part of their faith is after they die. They well have a ride awakening – or rebirebirth. The karma they create today won’t disappear and all the praying to some outside source someone told them was real, isn’t going to keep them from getting the effect of the cause they create. You see, the lessons in Christianity on tells you what to do or not do – but it doesn’t tell you why, our what will happen if you don’t listen. It’s really a fairly shallow teaching and has been changed and revised so often in order for political leaders to control the masses. I don’t know where you are from but in the US you can see how badly politicians you Christianity. There are 9 states where you can’t even hold public office unless you take an oath you are Christian. If Christianity was that great why would they have to MAKE people say they are? Wouldn’t everyone clamber to be one? Why are there multiple millions who aren’t? Overall people have a general lack of understanding about life and about what prayer is.

        The second part of your reply – you are right – we have to develope the attributes that shalt us to change. It is hard to do your human revolution. It is hard to change. Obstacles come up that challenge you. Let’s say you have about button temper. It always makes you get in trouble and cause you unhappiness, so you determine to stay in control. The minute you determine to change many obstacles happen to throw you off, over and over until you give and you say,” I can’t change. It’s just the way I am”and you give up. It won you lost. Only when you raise your life condition can you change the way you react to your environment. Being a good person is not easy for everyone. We are each in add different stage of developement. Love, compassion, desire to help people, continuing to learn and grow and use it to make the world a better place -wanting to be happy – don’t settle for mediocrity. The only thing not said today is “How do you do that?” Wanting it isn’t enough. WeWe can’t know what we don’t know. Something else to think about. If there is no such thing as chance, then what is the reason we met? Something caused it. 🙂 Another question. Do you know what a bodhi-satva is?Or bodhisatva of the earth?

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      • What you say makes sense, have known it myself and I admire your passion and perception regarding this subject. Karma is real and everything we’ve yet to learn will take shape in the form of experiences in as many lifetimes as is required. This cycle is not thrust upon us at all; we willingly adopt the kind of life that gives us the opportunity to learn, balance, pay our dues and grow. Problem is we forget this purpose the moment we reenter the physical plane and get caught up all over again. To make it worse we have dogmas and doctrines from various belief systems that elude the truth ever more not so much in the texts as is in the words of the purveyor. People end up not knowing it at all or interpreting it wrong. So many variables, so many factors, it’s like an invisible psychological war that’s been going on for a long long time. And it hurts my heart to see innocent children and people starving, suffering and dying, for the life they’ve taken on but on the other hand people with the hardest lives are often those who’ve decided to work on a whole different level and that also presents them with the opportunity to balance their dues and evolve by leaps and bounds instead of step by step provided of course they don’t fall into the same pit.
        And coming to the second part, I was just having a similar conversation with my mother about how it is easy to walk the righteous path and be a pseudo-preacher when things are fine and the basics of life taken care of. I mean if a person is starving and is unable to find his next meal, how can he possibly think about anything else, much less his spiritual goals, but the growl in his stomach and the spin in his head? These are some very difficult questions and although there are many people who have been in these situations and risen above, not everyone can. We are all part of this system, linked and one cannot survive alone. And that’s where, to answer your question, Bodhi- satva comes into picture. No one can be allowed to run the same cycle again and again because he’s helpless and alone, a joint effort can not only raise the fallen but raise everyone to a higher level physically and non-physically. We must strive to do what we can.
        By the way what is Bodhi satva of the earth?

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      • I couldn’t have said this better myself. Yes, some people are so consumed with survival they can’t think of anything else. You are right – we repeat and repeat until we get it right. Even if you look at people in their lives, they draw the same kind of people into it. A woman leaves one alcoholic man to find another one. Or she exchanges an abusive partner for another. Men, too, bring the same partners into their lives. Or people try to change their partners. Or they try to change jobs to get a better boss and end up with the same kind, or the move to another town to start over and find themselves in the same circumstances because you can’t run from your karma. Most common – when boy meets girl they each put on a face to make the other want them. When they get comfortable their true nature emerges. One says to the other, “You’ve changed”. They didn’t. The only stopped putting on their face. People can’t maintain a high life condition if it isn’t who they really are. So they break up and go on to the next person, or stay together and be miserable as they try to force the person to be what they need. And yes, people are helpless, because no one taught them how to take responsibility for themselves.

        It’s actually one word. I separated it because of the name of your blog. bodhisattva. It’s a Buddhist term.

        “Humanity today lacks hope and vision for the future. It is precisely for this reason that the Bodhisattvas of the Earth have appeared. Without your presence, the future of humanity would be bleak and spiritual decline its destination. That is why you have been born in this age and are now playing an active role in society. This is the meaning of jiyu, or “emerging from the earth”. Consequently, each of you will definitely become happy. Please be confident that you will lead lives overflowing with good fortune throughout the three existences of past, present and future”
        Daisaku Ikeda, SGI.

        I have practiced the Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin nearly half of my adult life, almost 30 years although I have known of it for more than 40. You might find it of interest to read about it. If you do, go to sgi-usa.org. Have you ever heard the words nam-myoho-renge-kyo? It is a Buddhist chant. The easiest translation is: “Devotion to the mystic law of cause and effect through sound and vibration.” Devotion meaning – the effort should be in understanding the meaning rather than praising the man. You will find no Buddha statues in my house. This is where Christianity is off – they think praising the man is the point, instead of implementing the teachings into their daily life. It is mystic simply because we can’t always understand it. It doesn’t mean magical. Karma is created by thought, words and deeds or actions, with action being the strongest. The universe thrives in it’s rhythm or vibration. When we are in rhythm then we are in the right place at the right time. We met the right person at the right time. When we are out of rhythm we can’t seem to do anything right. How did you come to use the word Bodhi?

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      • Coming to think of it, I agree with the idea that people attract the same kind of people repeatedly more than I would like to. The reason being I have seen and experienced this myself. I was telling a friend the other day that doesn’t she see how there’s a pattern to the kind of people we attract in our lives. It’s right there hiding in plain sight. We run away from something and it keeps catching up in various ways which means it’s not done with us yet and we are yet to learn or grow through it irrespective of how miserable it makes us. I don’t know why but it’s just weird we are having this conversation talking of the same topics I just recently discussed with some other people! Even yesterday with the whole conscious spiritual advancement not being something everyone can follow due to the kind of lives they have. 😀
        Wow ok I knew what Bodhi and Bodhisattva was. I did not know what Bodhisattva of the earth was! That is deep and I am also very curious about your understanding of Buddhist ideology. I have never dwelt deep into any religious ideas for that matter but if I have to admit, I’d say Hinduism (partly) and Buddhism comes close to my comprehension of the subject matter that I’ve been writing about. There is a lot I still need to understand and I am looking forward to getting some from religious sources as well. I came across the word Bodhi when I was looking for a word that would describe enlightenment or the awakening.

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  11. Boy, spell check got me pretty bad in some places! When I left home at 18 to go to college and screwed it up royally because I got crazy, I had been raised in the church, but it never really meant anything. It was a big social event. Everyone went to church on Sunday. Every day I was in the church for some reason but it didn’t affect what I thought about life. 2years later I was told about Nichiren Buddhism. But I didn’t listen. I was doing drugs. If I had listened I probably wouldn’t have gotten hep C which nearly killed me and had a liver transplant 3 years ago. 5 times I was told about it. Only Nichiren Buddhism. Not the same as the others. Tibetan, Zen sound good, meaningful but they miss something very key in the teachings. I just thought of something you might be interested in. Would you like me to write you a guest post? The story of Shakamuni Buddha when he was Gautama Siddhartha? His time under the Bodhi Tree?

    If you wanted to learn and understand advanced math but all your teacher would do is teach you adding, subtracting, multiplying and division over and over and over, do you think that would lead you to learn advanced math? No. Studying Tibetan, Zen, Shinto, Pure land, and all the other Buddhism’s is the same thing. You would never understand life or the power you have to change it.

    I was told 5 times about only this one because it was what I needed to do. I’m sure there would have been a 6th time if I didn’t listen. I gave a talk one day about my experience at a large meeting. I would send you a copy if you’d like.

    Some people can’t see what is right in front of their nose. They are blind. But we are all at a different place in our developement. No one really knows what happens when we die so we have to look at what makes sense. Look at other life and see what happens. The thought of dying and going to a perfect existence forever with no learning, no growth, no challenges has no appeal to me. Boring. There are too many holes in that story!

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