Why Is Life Such A B*tch?

So, after the previous post on reincarnation, I decided to share some of the initial apprehensions and doubts faced when I seriously considered the idea in the first place and also the eventual wisdom I came upon. Now, I often wondered that if we preplan our existences and choose everything from the people to the experiences then why is it that we forget it? If the soul is this spiritual entity of pure light and goodness and we are it’s manifestation in the flesh, why is it that we can’t remember who we truly are and why do we live our lives seething with negativity inspite of the inherent all knowing, soul- quality goodness?

To the first part, I came across many an explanation which if summarized would come to mean something like the quote below.

“You close your eyes to the past in order to reopen them to a new existence. You can get more expansion by forgetting” – Teal Swan

“It wouldn’t be a test if you knew the answers.” – Dolores Cannon

After the end of our present lives and before we take on the next life, we choose to work on something, be it our jealousy, anger, impatience, selfishness, greed etc. and plan on setting the stage for the next human life that will challenge those very attributes. By planning next life, I mean literally choosing the scenarios you will face, choosing your family members and other people who will test you or assist you and most importantly choosing all the problems you think will challenge you to face your drawbacks and the negative traits you chose to work on. You then move into your new skin and forget all about your goals and plans! Poof… just like that… HOWEVER, the setting remains, the challenges remain only you have to face it with no recollection of how it came to be!

You ask why? What is the point of it all if we remember the course of events and just play along? You are not learning this way, you’re just parroting! The forgetting presents opportunities to handle problems anew, to rediscover your true self and based on paths chosen, assess if you were successful in attaining you spiritual goals. If you fail, you may spend many lives battling the same wars just in different settings with different faces like a ball attached to a string revolving about the same radius. This vicious circle comes about when one has surrendered indefinitely to erroneous dogmas/ traditions/ spiritual rigidity that restricts one from seeing beyond the three- dimensional self and recognizing himself as the mind blowing spiritual being that he is.

So yes, as unbelievable as it sounds, there’s a good chance that everything that we go through was chosen by us with complete autonomy to handle them as we see fit, positively or negatively. Furthermore, your present problems may not necessarily spring from your deeds in a past life. One may still choose a challenging life of a sick man or something equivalent, to develop some other abilities previously ignored or open avenues to attain enlightenment faster. But if we consider simultaneous reincarnations, it does present the opportunity for Karmic bleed-throughs in the form of hunches, mirroring, hints, gifts etc. I wonder if that’s how Mozart composed symphonies at the age of 5!

Karma is like a police, reminding us of what we did (our past selves are doing) in a past life by mirroring it in the present life like if you were selfish then, you’d probably be amidst selfish people now. Just as our past selves probably influence us, we influence our future incarnates too. Our thoughts and most firmly believed ideas in the present life prepare the setting for the next incarnation For instance, if you indulge in blind hatred towards another person, you can be bound to that person through many life times until you overcome it, if you hate a certain religion, you may just take birth into it the next time around, if you obsess yourself with injustices happening to you and believe in evil then you will always see evil manifest. Our past selves and future selves can influence us but not control i.e., nothing negates creating our own reality. Every trait and every character we possess that impedes spiritual growth must be transformed into positive ones at some point.

No one can magically become wiser, turn the other cheek unfazed, or ignore the wrongs happening around us. But if we give back HATE for HATE, then we COMPOUND it. If you only see darkness around you, why not be the FIRST SPARK yourself? Anything that is negative always constricts our perception and halts or deteriorates progress. Love and compassion is the only way we can move forward and trust that every kind of experience is for a greater good. I know that it is easier said than done but  just imagine if every single person in this world harbored this belief, what kind of world would that be? Yup… The Awesome Kind!

54 thoughts on “Why Is Life Such A B*tch?

  1. Beautiful post, answers many quires.
    There are certain things, which are beyond the capacity of the brain.
    Therefore part of the belief comes in.
    Awesome post, so profound.😊

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  2. Beautifully expressed – and very much the way I see it too.
    One thing I wonder, though… All my life I’ve worked with children and young people, and with each new generation I meet more and more of the magical ones who haven’t quite forgotten. I wouldn’t say they remember all the plans and contracts they’d made, but certainly some. I’m still trying to figure out why…

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  3. While I like your train of thought, The lives we live are not entirely defined by us. Karma Has been Perverted in order to trap people on earth, Among other things. And when A spirit Outside this “Matrix” as some people call it enter, We Must go through the self proclaimed: “Lords Of Karma”. Make deals, lose metaphysical abilities, memories. They even go as far as to Hijack ones incarnation into a specific body. Like In my case, I would imagine. Positivity has it’s place, and so does facing reality.


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    • Hello Cameron, really appreciate you taking taking time to read the post. Thank you for enclosing the link, read both your posts and I must admit they are very interesting and I haven’t come across anything like this. Although, probably coz I got hit right in the face with all these new ideas, it did not resonate with me as much. It was overwhelming to read such a fascinating piece and I admire all the effort you’re putting into getting this out. If what you believe is true then well it is the truth but we really have no way of knowing that for sure just like we have no way of knowing if all the new age philosophy’s are true. I guess time will tell. Meanwhile, we can all strive to learn more about the nature of our reality. Thank you for sharing, it certainly got me thinking!

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      • Cameron? oh, that’s the person I Linked. Right. I was never good at holding back. Sometimes one has to learn to tell the difference between something resonating and it being what we want to hear. The same as working out whether something is just the path of least resistance or the one that actually feels right. Sometimes It is hard to tell them apart.

        To me the proof lies in sacred geometry. Have you ever looked at the flower of life? Does something feel ‘off’ to about it you? It always did to me. Artificial. Unchanging. Life is always changing, is it not? same with the tree of life. And the Fibonacci Sequence.
        So I wrote some posts on it. have a look if you want:

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  5. I always thought recurring events in my life was due to aging, but when these recurring events happen in a place I’ve never been to before, I know this is not a coincidence. I am very interested in this subject. Great article I have to share.

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      • I know exactly what you mean. I had to re-blog your post, because some people do not believe in karma and I feel you brought up a great discussion. If karma does not exist, I would not know what to call the following example I noticed just the other day. For years, my neighbor had never been able to accept her only daughter- in -law’s 2 children from her previous marriage to a hispanic man. Not only did she not attend her son’s wedding, but she did not acknowledge or ever attend any birthday’s or special events in her new step grandchildren’s lives and basically ignored them through out their lives. Since then, not only had her only daughter married a hispanic man with 4 children, but tragically her daughter became a widow and is now raising her deceased husband’s children in my neighbor’s home. By the way, all these “step-children” are still the only grandchildren she has. All I can see in that situation is karma is alive and well, but then again…that’s just my opinion.

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      • Oh God! That’s very sad and quite a shoot back really. Whatever maybe the case, I hope this grandmother has realized something out of this whole tragic event. No good comes out of hating people for their race or ethnicity. That’s just senseless! And I don’t know if karma was at play in your neighbors situation but sure makes a compelling case!

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