Indeed, Ghosts Are People Too!

So you’ve been crushing crazy on this girl for quite some time now and she’s walking right towards you to talk for the first time. Your heart beats faster, you’re legs suddenly turn into this wobbly jelly, you avert your eyes to stand your cool only to turn back every second or so to be sure that she’s indeed headed your way. And all that time, she’s the only thing you can see, from the way careless wind ruffles her wild locks to the constant clacking of her heels against the ground… you get the point.

When one is as tuned into something in the manner described above, he hardly notices anything else. Besides other people and events around him even time seems to elude him. Such is our courtship with the three dimensional world! Ok, my bad! Given the misleading start, I should have gone ahead and said how they grew old together surrounded by love and peace. However, as the title suggests, this post falls under the eerie genre so let’s stick to it!

As we inhabit our dimension, so do other kinds of consciousness inhabit other dimensions. These dimensions are all around us, superimposed. The solid, tangible device through which you’re reading this post in your dimension does not exist for someone who inhabits another dimension even as we occupy the same space. The reason being, that those folks are not tuned into our reality. Their system isn’t of a physical nature and hence they do not perceive us and we do not perceive them, generally. So yea, there are probably all kinds of ghosties roaming about your living room right now!

We visit other realities that co exist, when the waking conscious mind sleeps and most often we dismiss the experience as dreams (Detailed Here). One may also delve into these dimensions during an out of body experience or astral projection/ travel. A similar situation is struck when you, without knowledge, send out pseudo forms/ thought forms (Detailed Here), which is a subtle form that a portion of your consciousness takes to teleport to a place or a person you are very strongly thinking of! Please bear in mind, thought forms are not the same as astral bodies! Thought forms contain only a portion of your consciousness comparable to a drunken individual who is not a sensible or clear- headed. Whereas, astral bodies and dream selves contain your entire consciousness and your ego (normal waking consciousness) takes a back seat. This non- physical body cannot be seen by inhabitants in the physical plane, generally.

Now, what happens when you enter a plane that is not native to you? Why, you encounter the local inhabitants and to them you are the paranormal entity, a ghost and probably a source for many myths! As is understood that we are not usually aware when we astral project in our sleep or spontaneously conjure thought forms, which pop into other dimensions, similarly inhabitants of those dimensions are often not aware of their intrusion into ours!

Just as there are various kinds of people, there are also various kinds of non-physical entities. Some are indigenous to the non-physical dimension, i.e. their present existence was preplanned as a non physical entity to exist in a non physical dimension and some are just disembodied spirits/ consciousnesses, i.e., deceased individuals, in the in- between- lives state. I know it is hard to imagine such a notion because of the very strong distinction we make between the terms ‘Alive’ and ‘Dead’. Death is just end of physical life and since the consciousness does not perish, it must inhabit some place! When deceased people have a strong attachment towards the lost physical existence and have not accepted the end of their human life, they tend to stay as close as possible to the physical realm, often projecting thought forms of themselves (consciously or unconsciously) and communicating with the living either through telepathy or in dreams.

We, as corporeal beings, have lower vibrations compared to energies that are less dense like ghosts. They no longer have a fixed appearance and hence can manifest in any type of energy organization (shape/ form etc.), according to their will. Why some of us can perceive ghosts/ apparitions (energy manifestations) is because we are telepathically in tune with the consciousness behind the apparition. In fact, if you think about it, we, ourselves are probably thought forms/ energy manifestations of our higher selves/ soul! To conclude, I suppose looking at this phenomenon in such a manner can actually help shed light into the understanding of the paranormal or in the least, alleviate our fears up to some extent. Although, coming to think of it, I do enjoy movies/ novels that pack a good scare!

30 thoughts on “Indeed, Ghosts Are People Too!

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  2. Reminds me of The Tibetan Book of the Dead, such a great, image-rich treatment of this topic! And the “coextensive” part is something I fumble with in my blog entry on sheaths of identity (I don’t know if you got to this one: But what I apply there to individual (local) consciousness, you apply on the cosmic (global) level. You, me, and Einstein: teamwork!

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    • Thank you for giving it a read and for the wonderful comment! You have yourself a great post on sheaths of identity, thanks a bunch for sharing 🙂 Reminds me of synapses, of how everything experienced on the surface layer travels deep within without our knowledge or acknowledgment. If we choose to, we can experience this beautiful unfolding all the way into the spirit!


  3. this is well crafted . . . I personally do not believe in ghostly (after live) existence . . . but in your post you very nicely have combined parallel universe concept (which i m ready to believe) with the ghost forms. And I must sat well put up. But seriously, are we a consciousness first and then a body to support it, or we are just a combination of body parts which manifest itself as a consciousness? Because if the latter is true, then consciousness would not exist once the body passes away …

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      • Thank you for taking time and reading the post 🙂 To answer your question, are you familiar with phenomenon such as astral projection/ near-death-experience/ Lucid dreaming? To be brief, these are dissociated states of consciousness from the physical body. For e.g., you may have heard of cases where some patients could see themselves being operated! They would actually float above their bodies witnessing the entire event in real time and recall it after waking! Another instance, have you ever had a dream where you became conscious and you realized this is a dream while still in the dream!? These things are not possible if your consciousness is a product of the brain. Before telescopes, we had amazing theorists/ philosophers like Aristotle, Ptolemy who believed that Earth was the center of the Universe and the moon/ sun/ stars revolved around it. It was Giordano Bruno who reasoned that there were numerous solar systems, that Earth and other planets revolved around the Sun, the universe was infinite and so many other facts that have now come to light. He was called time traveler as he described knowing everything he knows because he could move out of his body and vividly see the truth of the universe in action!
        I firmly believe that we are consciousness first and then the body! I simply refuse to believe that death is the end of everything we are. It just does not make sense to me. Sorry for the long comment 😛

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      • Woww.. you really know your stuff… amazing points you have put up… again, I fall short as I don’t compare with your knowledge on this subject . 🙂 but still, i feel that whatever facts we have covered are subjective, and can’t be proved.. (i know this is a rigid stance 😛 ) but all these things, especially G Bruno makes for an exciting exploration

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      • hehe.. right.. but i’m sure science will find something if such realms exists.. already universe is baffling us by it’s infinite size…and quantum mechanics is reaching a stage where general laws fail miserably . . . so i think the time is not very far when we get more clarity on such exotic stuff.. meanwhile keep enlightening us with your brilliant perspective .. 🙂

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      • Precisely! You’re right on point. See, there is no way I can explain or prove to you about other realms. It is a matter of experience and I am also open to the possibility of me being wrong :). So, I really hope Science does me a solid on this one!

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  4. You know I felt a couple of times now that some one whispers in my ear or touches me or I see in REM mode a projection of someone, this happens only when I am sleeping and just before I am about to wake up in the morning, as soon I make a contact in that experience, I feel a strong shock like a electromagnetic one and I wake up shuddering. Could be an Astral projection or just an REM, cause it feels really real to me, even after when I have woken up that feeling of contact is there but only for a while, I hoping it’s just REM


    • Have you noticed, when ever we take a short afternoon nap or every morning that extra ten mins we sleep past the alarm before waking up, is often the period fraught with vivid dreams. That is the stage where one is half asleep and half awake and holds ample opportunities to astral project. The projection is often accompanied by noises like drilling/ buzzing/ screaming/ laughing/ like someone is touching you and also varying degrees of vibration/ jerks in the body. I do not mean to scare you but it is normal 😀 You can not go through these stages and still project. However, this “weird scary” part is where the astral body separates from the physical body and depending on the state of your mind, your experience may be a good one or not so good one. Also, the falling sensation we experience sometimes is the part where the astral body gets back into the physical body. I know this sounds ridiculous and I could be wrong but it’s either this or some sleep disorder!

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  5. A brilliant post, Swetha. Such a clear and lucid take on all the ‘extra stuff’ surrounding us and interpenetrating our world. You have a gift for making such complex subjects easy to follow.
    I’ve always wondered where the entities some people are able to channel fit in to all this… Any thoughts?

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    • Thanks Janon, as always your words provide me with ample boost! 🙂 From what I understand the terms guardian angels/ spirit guides represent entities/ consciousnesses who watch over us and guide us through our subconscious mind or inner senses that are inherently clairvoyant and telepathic. The inner senses form a channel between various dimensions of existence much like how our physical senses provide us with a channel to perceive and interact with the physical world.These entities who guide us may be a deceased kin or relations from past lives with whom we were very close or even a reincarnational self (I know this sounds wacko but bear with me 🙂 ). Often we do not pick up on the guidance because we are obviously more focused on the physical world and pay no heed to the traffic of information from the other side. Some people manage to consciously use their inner senses and channel the entities. Almost all communications come from the in-between-lives state where dead relatives exist. Space and time does not exist in the manner we understand now, when we use our inner senses it acts like a psychic warp and connects us to these other levels of reality.

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      • Thank you for such a detailed reply. Yes, you’ve hit on exactly the thought at the epicentre of my question – how much of the channelling is ‘me’ (or Jane Roberts or Ester Hicks…) and how much is some discrete entity.
        I love the idea of a reincarnational ‘me’ feeding me words of wisdom 🙂 . Always a joy to read your ideas.

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      • My name is Jan, but I happily answer to Janon in Blogland – in fact I rather like it 🙂
        I do receive guidance from beyond what I normally perceive as myself. I use a crystal pendulum to dowse over my computer keyboard (21st century ouija board 🙂 ). Initially I received messages from a friend who had passed over a few years before and wanted my help in supporting one of her children. I now receive occasional guidance from an entity who identifies him/herself as Koimul – a ‘care giver’ (Koimul’s words).

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      • Oh, I am so sorry to hear about your unfortunate loss. It is rather overwhelming to hear first hand of anyone’s channeling experiences. Be it channeling in the real sense or just our higher self/ superior psych, any source of positive comfort and support can only be good. So, I don’t think, as I am sure you don’t, one should worry too much about the authenticity of the communication as long as it serves the purpose 🙂

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